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Redundancies 29th June 2015 12:28 PM

And don't buy into any of these MLM promising you riches and a easy life. It is far from the truth. It works for a very few who are cut out for it.

ah right well no they haven't - i'd know cos I host their 2 websites and do all the work for them for the past few years. That's the first thing i'd have checked otherwise ;)

Who's that comment aimed at Andy?



Checked a customers site yesterday who isn't MF and her position in google is actually 2-3 places higher on a mobile phone search than it is on a desktop search! Go figure that one!

Redundancies 23rd June 2015 11:57 PM

Do you not have payslips, tax docs, bank statements, etc that all show your wages for all this time? Annd how long have you been employed in total? And how long in the UK? And when you tx to the UK, was is a SA company based in the UK or a UK company?

Do you haggle? 23rd June 2015 11:22 AM

Tell them you can reduce the quote but the content of the work will reduce accordingly. The advertising is probably gonna be worth zilch to you.

As long as they are watertight for you and cover legally you then writing your own is fine.

As a copywriter you should be far better at this than your average person, using the correct words and not lots of blather and not lots of comma's in the wrong place that can make something read totally different to what you actually mean, and making something crystal clear and not ambiguous, hence why legal T&C's are written in a certain way for that very reason.

The customer should be able to read them and make sense of them of course, but it's about covering yourself more than anything. Of course, T&C should be fair to both parties too.

Oh what a night.... 20th June 2015 9:37 PM

With the police you have to kick up a fuss and complain higher. They will always try and fob you off.

Oh what a night.... 17th June 2015 7:38 PM

wow, this is proper drama, though I feel your pain. I bet he is well dodgy and he is or has been up to no goo as he won't come near the coppers. Can't they get a warrant to get his detail from

In fact, ask him for his bank details and he can be traced that way.


I would be pressing for a blackmail charge as well as he is trying to obtain money by keeping your van.

What's in a name... change... 16th June 2015 4:00 PM

Everyone hates the fact this is legal....until it ever happens to them then they think, Thank God for that!!