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GWC India is award winning commodity trading brokerage company from India. We offer best commodity trading brokerage services with lowest fees

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Personal training for over 40s 27th February 2020 5:24 AM

Hi Mike,



Welcome to the MLF Community!!! Stay share your health tips to our forum members...




Best Chatbot Company in India 26th February 2020 5:38 AM



I have two questions first one is do you provide the digital marketing services?, Second one is above mentioned email ID is  founder of your organization?.




Property investing in the north west 25th February 2020 4:58 AM



Welcome to the MLF community!!! do you deal with local projects or international projects?

AWS Accountancy - Cramlington 24th February 2020 5:58 AM



Welcome to the MLF community!!! 

Hi Owen,

I am a copywriter too with my own business and haven't actually got  a website yet, it has been 5 years. I use social media to market and promote my business and Facebook and LinkedIn are my shopfronts.  Just bear in mind that a website needs to be maintained and to get ranked on Google and improve your SEO you need to put money and hard work into it. Personally I don't think everyone needs a website these days, especially at the start. ”


Then how can you market your services in online. Nowadays everything changed digitally and every small business owners think to market their product or services through online using brand new website.

How Can Double the Website Traffic? 20th February 2020 10:04 AM

Hi all,


If we pitch the new website for SEO optimization how can we double the website traffic. If someone already done the seo and good website traffic. Awaiting for expert answer if any new SEO tactics using in 2020.



Do you sell the premium WordPress themes?. What is the package detail of the them and script?

hi there 18th February 2020 4:45 AM



Welcome to the MLF community!!! If you help us to expand our business in the UK?  Particularly pick the new IT projects?

Hello! 17th February 2020 8:32 AM

Hi Tracey,


Welcome to the MLF community!!! I have checked your photography in your website, it's so nice...



I have checked a blog yesterday Google not release the core update. Please check the following link