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GWC India is award winning commodity trading brokerage company from India. We offer best commodity trading brokerage services with lowest fees

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It's nice customization and very good thinking. Who drives the van when you are working?

Change Your Life For The Better 22nd May 2020 6:53 AM

It's good life motivation slides. Thanks for sharing, I will also try to check your videos in the Youtube

Free COVID-19 Awareness Training 20th May 2020 6:34 AM



Welcome to aboard, Thanks for providing this free training.

Hello!! Feedback please... 16th May 2020 7:37 AM



Welcome to the community, I  just checked your website it's looking good but mobile loading speed is a little bit low. So you can try to improve the website loading speed in the mobile view. It may help you to improve the mobile traffic and customer engagement.

Hi MK,


This is great work, It may help lots of startups and small business at this COVID 19 crisis. 

How Can Double the Website Traffic? 28th April 2020 7:48 AM
The first and the foremost thing you need to do is website audit. Discover any potential issues that your website might have (from a technical, linking, or SEO perspective) and Correct those issues. This will give your website audit score a boost. Then after you can showcase your top 10 traffic-generating blog posts by updating them. To update pages you can re-write your headlines and subheadings, discover and incorporate more relevant keywords and much more. Also don’t forget backlink-building for your top content. The number and quality of backlinks a website has carries a lot of weight with search engine rankings. Therefore start investing in more backlinks on your top posts and pages if you wish to double your website traffic as fast as possible. Don’t forget Google gives priority to good backlinks. So focus on building quality backlinks and not quantity.

Also become active on Quora. You can start writing daily responses to various topics and discussions, comment on others posts that are relevant to the topics you write about, find and exploit questions that are already popular to get more attention to yourself.”



What are the good backlink building strategy you can follow?. Please share those tactics, it may help us to improve our website ranking online.



Welcome to the MLF board.  Just i checked your website, it's not more attractive to the visitors, so you can try to develop user friendly website. It may help you to improve your business development.

Another thing going on in the world anyone noticed?

The COVID 19 infection and deaths more in US and European countries compare with any other part of the world, particular South Asia(India).

What is the reason?

In India 1.3+ billion people living but affected only 5k+ people, Cured 400+, And Death 160+. But western countries have very good healthcare infrastructure, economy, highly educated people then why this disease impact very high numbers?  


The SEJ release a post "17 Great Search Engines you can use Instead of Google". They are:


  • Bing,
  • Yandex,
  • CC Search,
  • Swisscows,
  • DuckDuckGo,
  • StartPage,
  • Search Encrypt,
  • Gibiru,
  • OneSearch,
  • Boardreader,
  • giveWater,
  • Ekoru,
  • Ecosia,
  • Twitter,
  • SlideShare,
  • Internet Archive
The environment is doing very well out of this, the economy, not so much.”

Not only economy, Most of them lost their business and workers lost the job.