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GWC India is award winning commodity trading brokerage company from India. We offer best commodity trading brokerage services with lowest fees

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Personally I hate videos for learning things and much prefer a blog. And Google still ranks your site much higher with regularly updated content on it and if you're answered questions that people are asking 

I know content is the king for online marketing particulary SEO optimization in major search engine like Google. We are using the user friendly content to update in our website and blogs for keywords ranking.


We are not spending more time reading the blog content. We spent time in the YouTube videos to get the detail whatever we need. Because we have more mobile data and get detailed visuals. This is one of the major reasons YouTube become a second search engine worldwide after Google.

I wouldn't class a vaccine as a cure exactly, but the signs are good that they're testing some vaccines now. ”


Yes, Oxford university doing the testing on the third stage and the media said this is a genuine vaccine for COVID 19.




How long time is taken to participate in this survey? I think it will take more time?

Russians said that they have discovered the vaccine , and the scientists have tried it on themselves ”


When they are release that vaccine on worldwide? because day by day the infection cases increasing and deaths also on going up.

Business Development 10th July 2020 7:36 AM



Do you cover the service from the UK or worldwide?

Hey everyone,

I'm a postgraduate student at Durham University, and I'm undertaking an enterprise initiative as part of my study programme and I'm seeking market research data. I would like to invite business owners or managers to complete a short online survey. This survey is about export behaviour and attitudes, specifically to China. It will take 2-3 minutes of your time.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Link to the survey:

Thanks a lot.




Why are you particularly mentioned China?

What is your targeted location or keyword? is it state or nationwide?  





Since I have added some content on my website , I have been getting more and more visits to my website which in turn brings more sales + I am not using google ads any more so it looks like it does work

This is good news for parents to keep away their children form adult, scary, and crime videos.






Nowadays YouTube is the number 2nd ranked search engine worldwide. If anyone runs the video ad campaign on YouTube?. If yes, please share your experience with us about YouTube advertising and it's ROI.