What do you think about Cristiano Ronaldo do something at Euro 2020 Press Meet?

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Published 18th June 2021 |
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What do you think about Cristiano Ronaldo do something at Euro 2020 Press Meet?. Does it impact football fans from all over the world and the share market?.

Steve Good,
GWC India Pvt Ltd

Great article about this from Marketing Week.

Anyone who missed it, Ronaldo, a former Coke sponsor, shunned 2 bottles of coke in front of him, moving them out of shot and reaching for a water.

Allegedly this saw Cokes share price slump and marketing agencies around the world seem to go hysterical.

In the Marketing Week article, written by the genius and straight-talking Mark Ritson, he introduces some perspective and common sense. In reality, the share price was already reducing from other factors, and actually increased slightly from the publicity.

Plus the age-old adage, all publicity is good publicity. It might have upset a few coke fans or made a few people turn away from a horrible sugary teeth rotting drink and move to water. But it would have increased far more sales due to the free publicity and increased air time and exposure, on the back of a footballer moving a couple of bottles out of shot, and a media frenzy then kicking off.

It goes to show what a bizarre world we live in. I'm sure there are plenty of more important causes to get emotional about, but everyone loves to shout an opinion and jump on the band wagon.. Like I've just done 

Steve Richardson
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