Interesting Facts about Locks nd keys.

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Published 26th November 2019 |
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Hello everybody, I am Phill Michelin from Wembley, a business owner of Brent Locksmiths and I`d like to tell bout some interesting facts concerning lock and keys.

1. A chance per 100 thousand:  it seems to be incredible, but so: you can open an alien lock with your key - such a possibility is extremely low but it exists!

2. Unusual lock opening. In many countries, the sports opening of locks is considered a fascinating and legitimate hobby or even kind of sport(the point is, however  not whether you can open the lock, but rather how many locks you can open in a certain amount of time). Some are attracted by the combination of dexterity and logic, others by the uniqueness of the sport, and others by the potential career of an emergency locksmith or security investigator.

3. A lock as a symbol of eternal love. While travelling to big cities, you probably noticed the places where the "love-locks" are concentrated. They are signed by names, in the form of heart, ordinary padlocks, etc.

If someone has something extraordinary concerning locks and keys - welcome!

Phill Michelin, Wembley, Brent, UK

Brent Locksmiths

Some great facts there, thanks! I didn't know it was as likely as one in a thousand, I might start trying that  

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Oh, what the interesting facts here Concerning the second one, I didn`t know about that, although I am a business owner of Anytime Locksmiths Have a good day. My greeting from Ashton-Under-Lyne.

Tyler Dean


Tyler E. Dean
Anytime Locksmiths

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