COVID 19 small business grant help

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Published 18th March 2020 |
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Hi, i run a small construction company based from my home with 6 employees. I have read that as i do not have a business premises i will not be eligible for the governments small business grant scheme. As we work in peoples homes and the virus will eventually mean we will have to stop work i am starting to worry about finances.

Can anyone tell me if there is help (Other than a loan that i will have to pay back) for businesses like mine?

Thanks in advance


Small Construction Company

The government's grant scheme is really just a low-interest loan anyway ... The company I work for isn't taking it out as it just delays the inevitable... So not sure what to suggest.. 1 of our guys has had to lower his work to 3 days a week and I suppose all of us may have to follow until this all passes  

Andy-C | Pewter World

I would imagine that most small businesses that are run from home...... will not get a single penny......  Where’s all the money going to come from to pay for all this compensation? How long is this crisis going to be 1 month ? 2 months ? 6 or 18 months? At what point should the government stop bailing businesses out? There has to be limits, otherwise everyone becomes an overnight high flying  international businessman....... and whacks in a claim for compensation....... usually when a government offers free cash... scammers are not far behind.... But any compensation will never be indefinite.... I only work 2 to 3 days a week now, having taken early retirement........ and already they’re talking about laying people off at the national bus company I work for......... even though up to last week they were still advertising nationwide for drivers..


The new help announced may help you, but it seems comapny directors get gthe rawest deal, or if you have poor profits for the last 3 years (like me as this year is by far my best but won't count). I ma finding ways to push on and still make money like  CV course in my case. Hope you can get help.


I currently work for a Junomo we are helping clients access funding including access to the Governments CBLIS. 

Please feel to email me and we can arrange a time to speak. 

Stay Safe 


Edward Voss