Should businesses be witty online?

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Published 10th June 2020 |
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I really love businesses that stand out by making witty social media comments, some of the responses you see are brilliant. This one is very much on topic, and makes me love Yorkshire Tea even more. I happen to know they're a very ethical company, but it could be dangerous ground for companies to make such statements if they have any unscrupulous business practices abroad! 

Do you think businesses should show this much personality? I think it strengthens the brand. 



Businesses being witty, definitely.

But for a controversial topic, christ no, I think it's really dangerous territory. 

See the CEO of cross-trainer and how he spectacularly got it wrong. he made inappropriate comments, has been called out for it and has now had to step down, with scores of gyms severing ties and scrapping affiliate deals.

Everyone has an opinion, right or wrong. Making light of it using a brand account is a tightrope to disaster. You are guaranteed to alienate at least one portion of your client base and waste time diffusing out of context quotes as retweets and personal agendas take on a life on their own.

It's also equally dangerous for companies to remain silent on important issues. We live in a strange world.

It's not a perfect world, but gradually evolves in the right direction, other than the art of forgiveness. The modern mediums of mass and instant communication make the villagers of yesteryear with their blazing torches and pitchforks seem like child play.

One wrong comment online, and your life and families are in danger, your house staked out and business and reputation ruined.

I've posted a few things and hit delete at the last minute, not to be controversial, just not wanted to be taken out of context and hung from a lampost by some drugged up vigilante who can't spell his own name.

I'm all for humour, there just seems to be a lot of it missing in this currently angry and toxic environment. I think we all need a holiday 

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I know what you mean .. It can be dangerous for big brands, but I do think it's important to stand for things and not just be bland. 

I agree though, we definitely all need a holiday!!!