Is hard work good for your mental health?

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Published 17th July 2020 |
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The economy is talked about constantly, but it's going back to work just about money? Or do we need it for our mental health?

Many people have  been off work on furlough and some have sadly been made redundant since. Whichever it is there has been a lot of sitting around watching Netflix and far less working. Especially in some sectors. And it's not been by choice.

And will this rest and relaxation be good for people? Family time increasing has certainly been great for some parents who usually don't see their children as much as they want to. But of course no break from each other is also stressful.

I've seen a few honest posts on social media from people going back to work after furlough and they really don't want to. And who can blame them if the job they're going back to isn't the same, as some companies have changed contracts and duties and people are no longer doing the jobs they signed up for. I

also a state of apathy sometimes. The less you do the less you want to do. Just like exercise gives you more energy and too much sleep seems to sap it.

So, do we all need to work hard?

Well I guess the definition of hard is up for debate, but I do believe working gives you a sense of purpose and achievement. Some may dream of a lottery win and we definitely don't want to have to worry about money all the time. But working is more than just an income often. People who get made redundant often struggle with their mental health and that's because you lose a sense of worth and usefulness.

During this challenging year, let's ensure support is out there for people who have lost their jobs and who need extra help going back to work. It's a big change for most people and these are not ordinary times. Keep an eye out for friends or colleagues who might be struggling and offer an ear.

There are some helpful links on this BBC page to some support groups if you need someone to talk to.



I totally agree with this post. This post can prove to appreciate to everyone.  Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.


Agreed. Work smart not hard.


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