Is your business model well balanced? Is it both easy and difficult to do business with you?

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Published 26th November 2020 |
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Most people agree that great customer service, coupled with a smooth simply understood sales process, makes for a good customer experience. If that sales process is as flexible as the buyers journey dictates, such that it allows each customer to do business with you at their own pace, and at the time of their choosing, they will regard it as being smooth and easy. If the delivery and after sale support demonstrates great customer service, you are building in a Wow factor!

Consider who it is that your business offering(s) serve(s). Is it right for everyone? For most businesses the answer is a resounding No. The smaller the proportion of the population that you serve, or the tighter your niche if you prefer, the more you need to make it difficult to do business with you, put obstacles in the way. This means your marketing must repel those potential prospects who are not a good fit for you.

My opening questions may have seemed to be self-contradictory, but I believe that a good balanced business model does make it both easy and difficult to do business with you.

If this resonates with you, please share your insights here.

45 Minute Turnaround Man

I think understanding your target audience is key but also understanding their pain points and probelms, then you can show them how you will make it better.

Repelling those who aren't your ideal client scares people but really it is about being true to your brand and in the case of one man bands being yourself. 

For example if you are very informal in marketing and communication and your ideal client responds well to that then it is perfect as you will put off those who want formal, who would have been a bad fit anyway. And vice versa.


Oh, I think that I can't answer these questions now. I'm just beginning my business. I need to think