Amazon or Ebay

By : Growing Business
Published 16th December 2012 |
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Lets discuss. Where would you love to shop?

Definitely Amazon,more variety.


forum avatarClearcandy1
30th January 2013 12:07 PM
For variety and low price of product Amazon is better.


'the bay' for me, more just habit I guess!


I usually sell on eBay and buy from Amazon


i buy and sell on Amazon as i really don't like sites that if i pay by paypal i have to fill in their form for address etc when all the details should be on the paypal payment email send to the supplier so that is my biggest bug


I do not care whether I buy from ebay or Amazon, to me the price and the quality of the item being sold is of utmost importance. I strictly check on reviews because i love quality and good service. Sometimes i am led by specifications. If the specs are ok i buy.


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