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I'd be asking yourself, are people interested in the (rubbish??) you write? Are your threads boring, cheesy, spammy, uninteresting, useless, self promotional, etc?

Are you asking really obvious questions that really, you ought to know the answer to which begs the question, why are you asking what is usually reasonably intelligent business owners? (if you're on a business forum, that is).

e.g. My clients never order from me after the first order, why is that?

If you can't come up with answers then you're not ready to be in business. That's a made up question by the way but I did read something similar not so long ago.

Are your threads always the same sort of thing and often in the same section of the forum? Might people wonder why you are actually on the forum?

e.g. this is a business forum so if you never engage in business discussions, people will question your motive for being here.

Point taken
Please share your thoughts on this one.
How do you feel when you are kicked out of your favourite forum?
What do you do if you sense that no one appreciates you in your favourite forum?
Had he not met his inlaws before they got married? This should have given him a rough idea.
Who Can Solve This?? 31st January 2013 8:05 AM
I think its Mr. Sixty Two for the same reason as the above two have indicated, but I guess there is a catch somewhere.
SMS Marketing 31st January 2013 7:54 AM
Organisation use SMS marketing to promote their exclusive offers. This way, the customer feels valued. It also goes a step further in improving brand loyalty.
Advanced Google Analytics Tutorial 30th January 2013 5:13 PM
I do not know much about Google analytics though i am told it is vital for web owners interested in SEO .
Pinterest is an exclusive club, that is why it is popular with people who deal in jewel, gemstone and expensive watches. However, with time, I look forward to the days when this site will be used by all marketers irrespective of products they sell .
Amazon or Ebay 30th January 2013 4:25 PM
I do not care whether I buy from ebay or Amazon, to me the price and the quality of the item being sold is of utmost importance. I strictly check on reviews because i love quality and good service. Sometimes i am led by specifications. If the specs are ok i buy.
Money is indeed the best motivator , but it has to be accompanied with other incentives such as health care, insurance options, complements , respect and appreciation. One an employee realizes he is appreciated and is considered as one of the employees, chances are that he will work hard and identify himself with the company. Treating employees as slaves leads to resentments and they will behave irresponsibly.
Internal HR People 30th January 2013 3:38 PM
The role of HR and its function is yet to be synthesized by small firms. this is one of the reasons why they do not think HR is important. However, according to statistics, firms that make use of competent HR are known to record good profits as compared to those that do not. HR are vast and updated, they are mostly relied on for choosing portfolios that are profitable.