The problems of being an overnight success

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Published 11th March 2013 |
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An issue most of us can only dream of, being an overnight business success can bring its own major problems. In the case of American Gian, it was the supply chain.

Interesting article about planning and scaling your business.
American Giant: The problems of being an overnight success

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Same thing happened to Clive Sinclair in the 1980's!


I have read an interview of a Russian businessman (sorry, his name just slipped out of my mind) who said that he`d never invest into an overnight success, as it is unstable investment. That`s why he invests very carefully and if something turns out to double its value too quick, he just sells, as he considers it too risky.

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With every business unless you scale it then it will get out of hand. Also, look at evolving a business as those who stick with what they have they never last as there is always something bigger and better coming along. Look at the likes of Blockbuster where they were one of the most successful businesses in the late 90's and early naughties but now they've gone bust due to the expanse over such things as itunes etc?

Scaling and evolving your business is the key to longevity.


i'd rather deal with the problem of too much success that too little success


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