Ideas on marketing a home cleaning website

By maryjune206 : Business Start Up
Published 5th September 2013 | Last comment 19th December 2013
Welcome aboard

Before shelling out on some SEO sharks and getting drawn into PPC, have you started with the obvious? Pounded the streets and leafleted your local area, cards in newsagents, etc.

I assume you have quite a local catchment area, so you want very localised and targeted marketing, rather than generic net traffic.

Great advice!

Often the simple things are missed out, not many companies consider the forms of advertising that we had only when we were kids when there was no internet!

Its worth walking into office blocked, like regus buildings, as they may have upto 100 business' in there at a time who are clearly all close together.. I have a friend who cleans for 15 different companies, times a week, just imagine if they were all a 'drive' away from eachother... that would take some time, but he just pulls up in the regus car park and goes to work! He literally can't handle any more work..! Costs nothing!


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