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Published 5th September 2013 |
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Hi everyone!

I just signed up. I hope you do not mind me asking how do I market my home cleaning business online? I already started doing some SEO campaign to it but I want to know what I am missing.

Thanks in advance

Well, look at what your competitors are doing to generate idea, but do not simply imitate them- be creative.

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Welcome aboard

Before shelling out on some SEO sharks and getting drawn into PPC, have you started with the obvious? Pounded the streets and leafleted your local area, cards in newsagents, etc.

I assume you have quite a local catchment area, so you want very localised and targeted marketing, rather than generic net traffic.

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Hi everyone!

I just signed up. I hope you do not mind me asking how do I market my home cleaning business online? I already started doing some SEO campaign to it but I want to know what I am missing.

Thanks in advance

Get yourself a Google Places page, it's free. And take the above advice. Also, take a look at the Google adwords tool to ensure there is some search volume around the keywords you are looking to market your website for.



Thanks for all the tips. I am not sure if I can post a link to my site but could someone look at my site and let me know what I am missing SEO-wise?

I have been reading a lot about SEO and PPC and what do you think works best for my business? I am somewhat little lost about all these marketing stuff online.

Thanks again.


Get plenty of reviews in Yelp, especially for a cleaning service. Monitor them and engage consumers when they write comments about your service. And most importantly, promote your wonderful Yelp profile in search results so it shows right on the first page along side your website. Consumers will love it. In fact, Search Engine Land reported that 79% of consumers use online review sites to make a purchasing decision - and that's up from 72% just the year before! You've got to have a strategy to use reviews to engage consumers and drive business.

Of course I am happy to selflessly promote my Yelp product in my signature, but in all seriousness, you can really use Yelp to drive a lot of business. My clients all do very well with it. It's their primary source of business. Good luck.


Hello and congratulations on starting your home cleaning business.
one thing i would recommend is identifying who exactly you what to market to.

obviously it's home owner's who value there time spent else where beside cleaning there home.

so that brigs me to this point i would do some research as into who your ideal client would be such as, age , income , occupation with credit cards that have a large spending limit.

such data can be obtained from a list broker let them know what demographics
and psycho graphics your looking for and they will assist in identifying your target market.

ounce you have identified your target market , you would need a message to market .
i would suggest a lead generation piece of marketing material to get qualified prospects to raise there hands.

This lead generating piece could be something as simple as the 5 things you should know before you hire a home cleaning service.This FREE report become your marketing tool . This report is vary easy to put together ,with some research ,and you have knowledge of your industry !

this lead generating piece would only serve the purpose of peeking there interest and driving them to your web site and by giving you there name and email address with an op- in feature you can begin the permission based marketing .

not all prospects might ready to buy your services immediate but you can stay in front of them by continue to provide value added information .

This marketing system will set you aside from all other cleaning service who are selling on the same corner as you.

One more thing think why should any home owner choose to do business with you verses all the other cleaning companies , beside best prices, years in business, green products etc.

There has to be something unique about your business and you have to be about something and for something what is it ?



I'm not sure if you've tried classifieds, but why not, right?

I think they are still very viable, as well as power partnering with other local businesses in your area.

Ask for endorsements, reciprocate and network.

This should stoke the referral engine for you and if nothing else, will get momentum going.

I believe if you come bringing value, bearing gifts, and not just asking with your hands palm'll get some traction really fast.

Was that helpful?




A few month back even I had the same concern from my end for my business! It did took some time to know the right things to do and the platforms where I could access all the knowledge to market my business. But after so many findings and web searches I was finally able to get through some of the finest sites which helped me alot to develop my business. They are 1. "Duct Tape Marketing" for much of the marketing tips and their written articles 2. "sourcePEP" for their curated visual contents from the web that shows you in practical. 3. "Mashable" also helped me alot.


Hi There

The original post is old, but I think this could still help others.

The ideas offered above are great. I think the Google Places and Yelp listings are especially good ideas. You could ask your customers to put their feedback on your listings, too. Be sure to over-deliver to your customers so you get 5 star reviews!

Another idea is coupons. Or offering discounts to your current customers for referrals.

Hope you're doing better and if not, maybe those ideas will help!


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