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Are key words now irrelevant? 20th December 2013 4:22 PM
we say all this, but there are still PLENTY of websites which havent been affected by penguin/panda, spammy websites with hundreds of duplicate pages. It seems like google is 'behind itself' and needs to clean up on old algorithm updates before rolling out any more, quite frustrating for a white hat person like myself who struggles to navigate my way past those spammy sites...

I think the answer is yes keywords are still very relevant
Wow, before 10:30 is unreasonable?? Must be nice! Most of your post sounds exactly like what has happened here under Obama. Supposedly all of these jobs have been created, but the ones that have been created pay minimum wage and want you to have "open availability". Ridiculous!

Absolutely! Its all numbers... we've created 'X amount' of jobs... they don't say where on the pay scale these sit... And in fairness to anyone on benefits, why would you give up your benefits to go to work to earn less than what the benefits are paying? Thats where the problem lies
Yell finally goes pop! 20th December 2013 8:23 AM
That is absolutely true, but if you read their financials, its easier to understand their position - their downturn in turnover is what they are forecasting until the decline in print meets with the increase of digital revenues. The press just love to tear them to pieces. If you isolated their digital/online performance - its pretty impressive!
What is your addiction? 19th December 2013 2:52 PM
Deleting spam and low quality posts

HAHAHA, funny

Has to be sitting in front of my laptop and watch my business go higher and higher up the rankings, combined with going to the gym!!!! To my wife's detriment...
Yell finally goes pop! 19th December 2013 2:50 PM
They haven't actually gone pop... The ownership of the company has changed hands, now 50% owned by Deutsche bank... They have liquidated Hibu Plc - taking
Its a Funny Old World... 19th December 2013 2:47 PM
Ever thought of paying them based upon how hard they work? I have guys working for me who take 30% of whatever they take... so if they go out from 7-7 they are going to work hard than if they are paid a daily wage... Not everyone is willing to work this way, but the guys who do - work very hard because they know they can earn some serious wonga if they put the hours in.

This means you won't get lazy people working for you..

I incentivise weekend call outs, late nights etc, but I just pass that cost on to the customer.. i.e. pay 50% instead of 30%...
Welcome aboard

Before shelling out on some SEO sharks and getting drawn into PPC, have you started with the obvious? Pounded the streets and leafleted your local area, cards in newsagents, etc.

I assume you have quite a local catchment area, so you want very localised and targeted marketing, rather than generic net traffic.

Great advice!

Often the simple things are missed out, not many companies consider the forms of advertising that we had only when we were kids when there was no internet!

Its worth walking into office blocked, like regus buildings, as they may have upto 100 business' in there at a time who are clearly all close together.. I have a friend who cleans for 15 different companies, times a week, just imagine if they were all a 'drive' away from eachother... that would take some time, but he just pulls up in the regus car park and goes to work! He literally can't handle any more work..! Costs nothing!
I think the argument between PPC & social media one is completely different from market to market. Some users may be stimulated with an offer from a business-so Facebook may work, some aren't... Eg you wouldn't be switched on by seeing an advert on Facebook from estate agent offering
Are we set for a decent recovery in 2014? 18th December 2013 11:51 AM
I believe the best recovery is a slow one, learn from mistakes so they're n
Local Business Directories 18th December 2013 11:47 AM
I thought cyclex was a good option for a cheeky backlink but it's no follow, as it Thomson. Better to stick with quality rather than quantity.