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Becoming a Non Smoker 21st August 2017 2:51 PM

Nope - she still puffs away.

Notably she is quiet on this thread 

Happy Valentines Day!! 17th February 2017 2:41 PM
Think it might only be you that is loved up...... the rest of us are to busy working....”

Is that the valentines equivalent of bah humbug at Christmas ?

She is young and loved up, plenty of time before she turns into an old cynic like the rest of us 

Have finally moved.. 17th February 2017 2:35 PM
Think it might be starting of with a nightmare..... the estate agent I used to get a valuation on my old house has just presented me with an invoice of £1800.00 for introducing me to my next door neighbour even though we lived next door to each other for 15 years.... and it was myself that flogged them the house... the agent just did the valuation.... thankfully no contract was signed.... wonder whether this will go legal..”

Would imagine not - if there is no contract and he didn't introduce your neighbour as a viewing he hasn't a chance!

8 cats singing for 120miles - oh the joys. I moved 3 miles in August, that was bad enough !!

Hope you get straight soon mate.

All the best

NHS woes 10th February 2017 9:51 AM

Cracking cartoon as always 

Think we are too quick to criticise and judge. We forget that the NHS is FREE to use (mainly) and their budgets are squeezed more and more, yet patient numbers are on the increase.

Nothing but praise for my fathers care during his final 2 months at my local hospital. but then horror stories emerge from the same hospital all the time.

Its easy to criticise and mock those trying their hardest to care for the ever increasing masses, but do we ever hear of any feel good stories, or NHS staff who go above and beyond every day? Their care and compassion is limitless yet they must be feeling pretty pi**ed off for all the bad press.

To those honest, hard working members of the NHS, I salute you and thanks for all you do 


Jan - had to explain HJ to Rachael - thanks for making me feel old !!!

Hair dryers 16th January 2017 3:27 PM
I just like to save 5 minutes drying my hair, so have it short intentionally 

5 minutes 

Step daughter takes at least 20 minutes drying her hair - don't even get me started on how long the straighteners are plugged in for ...... my electricity bill has quadrupled since we all moved in together !

Hair dryers 16th January 2017 1:24 PM

Couldn't help myself and i had to post this.

Just had the following email to our info email, but addressed to Steve - 

Hi Steve,

This game-changing Dyson could be the last hair dryer you will ever need! It is quieter & up to eight times faster than any other top-sellers. Plus, its intelligent heat control will keep your precious mane smooth & shiny. 

Smooth and shiney....... -  - Have you seen his hair lately? 

Sorry mate, had to share

Mind you i can't really laugh, i am no better in the follicle department 

What Are You Listening To Now? 23rd December 2016 2:33 PM
more Christmas songs.... please Noddy you've made enough money, I can't take any more

Yep he sure has & does - reportedly this year another £500,000 added to his coffers !!!

Interestingly more than Mariah Carey, who raked in a measly £376,000

Selfie Paradise 21st December 2016 3:25 PM

Selfies, facebook, twitter, snap chat ... etc

All a foreign language  to me  im obviously just getting old 

Berlin Tragedy 21st December 2016 3:21 PM
   Interestingly, on the news this morning it was reported that there is little or no CCTV coverage as Germany (like USA) considers it to be an invasion of privacy.  Rightly or wrongly, the UK has amongst the highest CCTV coverage in the world.”

Very sad times.

The only people who have to fear CCTV are those who are on the wrong side of the Law.

I will take personal protection and my safety any day over the ridiculous liberals who spout on about invasion of privacy blah blah

Sports Personality of the Year 21st December 2016 3:15 PM
Well, the outcome was predictable.

The show is supposed to be live so how does the BBC manage to convince us that the result isn't known beforehand, especially when Andy Murray was in Miami!  


Didn't see it but is the vote live on the show as well as "postal" votes? In the old days wasn't it based on the Radio Times readers votes wasn't it?

Wonder if they have a film crew on standby in Miami with a fake trophy  just to allay the cynics