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FUEL PRICES UP AGAIN 7th May 2018 10:41 PM

Hi there forum

Has anyone noticed the 10p per litre rise, work that out nearly 50p a gallon and keeps going up sliowly. it use a rise a penny a gallon now in a week in some places more than than 10;p i a week. unless  its highlighted it goes nothing said, the back door tax the government love, and the VAT,  Time to shop around always do, save money on emissions put it on fuel

50p per gallon thats why its bad, how long will it rise untill someone says it, how much VAT alone are they making? does anyelse check my vehicle holds 700 litre tank  work that out? Normally theres a rise in Saudi i have not heard notice the government doesnt anyone where, remember they get 2 taxes on fuel, the one on fuel and the backdoor VAT

Also  lets see  how slow it goes down, thank god the supermarkets have been slower, its only gone up 5p has any noticed? why has it gpone up no excuses yrt m sur someone will take responsibility out government just takes rthe money

if this USA imagine the up roar 50 per gallon they still use the gallon, per the litre always cost more, goverment dont keep the rises 

I welcome your prices local to you, i did see £123.9 in liverpool, But rural non competition garage's £134,9  and plenty filling up. What was it last year £0.99 up at least 24p per litre thats to much. Would you pay £1.25 a gallon more?

Plus companies need to up transport costs, up goes the prices, then interest rates and the rest.

Connelly coaches

Becoming a Non Smoker 7th May 2018 10:15 PM
Just wanted to share the fact that I gave up smoking 3 days ago

Still got a stressful day job..thumbsdown

Still running the shop and working on our website...

Am I coping?

WHAT DO YOU THINK.....arghhhhhhhhhhhh

back soon with further updates, probably from HMP Hull.”

well done

i did it 9 years ago, if i can do it anyone can, keep it up i feel so much better no more coughing

hi Angela

All football have leaison ifficer i rin him too, too fights at places between fan, coach cmpanies can los the peratubf licenc, i riing him abd teklling oviously hes police he can tekl to go straight to the ground or ay info

say all supportng events but mainly aimed at the travelling fans

police liason go to all matches home ad away,  when they dont stop you dont, you must ring them 3 days before they have alot of power but there ok






LOAN SHARKS 13th April 2018 1:28 PM

i thought the government had sorted these loan companies ou, i can  see them coming back to bite everyone again



LOAN SHARKS 11th April 2018 9:29 PM

I belive you should not be abkle other xompany loan debts , its out of control, Even if you pay them ot take the cheap offers.

They stay on the file someone else sees them, buys them and tries to get the money again.

Thet are worse tha the loan companies as they charge interest, i had to sort them out 

Everyone beware 



Ride or Walk you still pat 17th March 2018 4:55 PM


Did you know that which ever mode of transport you use, cycle or walk in london you pay, and coaches get fined.

                                                                                   But wait theres more:

                                         Theres gonna be more of London closed and less speed, we walk and pay. More zones

               Walking is quick at times, much quicker, Its has been proved, does anyone do any checks, No they dont.

             The Mayor and Tfl decide as they are working. and they ask via media for the consultaution, which means jack   has already decided at the tea party in london, i have watched been and seen to the site meetings, i have been in transport all my life and its shame as tourism in London is amazing, security in the park next to the the queen, the funerals the state visits every sort of problem and i dont get garden party invites myself, and very aware was going on i have  been treated to the best, allover the world for a sightseeing company with common sense, we love Londonmn buT we are embassadars for London or any city i never thought i would move

I cant take this contant harrassment from non proffessionals,trying to tell me i cant a legal break they dont know i know the law i jnow trnsportive tried but stupts ideas made london look foolish

ive seen london every season, and amzing cultures and met stars all the best like 007 a Connery ,Trusting us i have tried to adjust

London is to slow now and getting worse. gridlock and no  reason for it,  i read an article a proffossoional said he agees itd been noticed, thats not good may as well walk pr maybe give money , tfl for tickets which thet need to servive even where i cohld have parked was dangerous, now im my opioin im right, he won the ticket im not going stay in kondon is not worth he fref i wi t bring in to you wait and see walking in park time for a chat if they can do as the top stars ive met and they make time to chat,

 to many to name but they were  lovely, i police myself common sense, ive met of company owners who dont forget qnd aleways hel there mutyi millionaires but i see bif vhanges which wont get me staying i believe london is gettining worse they need to lose TFL

Love london but lately its just a constant hide from wardens, cameras and cyclists who think are proffessional trained but like to bang on coaxh windows and danger lives insure them at east i run the

I want to protect my passengers from an idiot, im an going to work in a city which allows common a sense approach and realiing we  are well trained proffssionas not idiots who roam the street to hit cyclists who just still drive  through red lights no insurance, we no we need none soon be closed in London  i have to say i hope im wrong as a proffessional london dieing and spoid by money my making schemes and amounts spent on  completely mad and dangerous schemes 

                                                                                                        Better or worse

i was actially passionate and very loyal to london and i was planning a on line petition, i dont want to spend  mpre time 

I do they realise that coach is  bus im they sye they dont, i also got to they they have no idea on situation which need care

Im shamed of London I never thought i would say that i worked and lived all my life working in touriasmnow started my own coacjvcompany to give a little back let me tell you youknow nohing ou neen giesing have a look atthe lisy

t of distknow moreim out of here i dont like the best city in the world is nowgoing to be a quost city unless the mayoe listen and gets rid of TFLsomik 

London is hope for the best now and join the rest,  i have ever seem one checking jus digging holes every day fot teard i worjed trafager square worjed in centrl lonon since 1980g it alot worse and less happy get stuck and poor more fumes in,  in the best what i can see id not the case they watch any traffic flowm TFL say no need,big                                         spend been proved is quicker and wedont need to deive in to london  as an operator im not going to be obe thats open for buisness, its a shame but its an expensive hobby with no help know new operators can afford to start and now no Coaxhes compliant enough to bring thekids in is lonsdon  not in 2020 the best city in the world closed we are open for buisness for you to charge every prsdeon the tax


Bendy buses  -        useless waste of time, no one paid, got in the way caught fire and gone horray.


New routemaster -  The answrs to all are praysm  jump on the bac o juno odf early  All the £333,000 each one cost r They rarely used with crew as stuck in trafficand you giessed need new engines or exhast to refit  £15,000    tac paper for most not cosch travel nothing  cost to the tax pao]yer aroud another £15,000 per bus for emmissions


tHe garden bridge - Waste of money - now cancelled after a fortune 


The famous german watercannon not in lodon -- OOhhh dear, no matter TFL will be charging everyone £100 


Shows good progress’  ( where  )    London is open, open they shout  your in you cant get out, or cheating


Restulting in more emiisions more i wiuld think as stuck in traffic, is there any drivers or dont look,or know bu wont speak outm i willits a scandlem the mayors saves monry, i know the new stratfoedstadiom


TFL but its  all you fit cyclest and walkers still -saying i hope all the london schools will pay the extra, i think not.


London is open far from it, he knows it too look at the report below watch for the water canon wghicjh are just chilling at t



Transport for London (TfL) published its draft budget for 2018/19 on Monday (12 March), which describes the transport improvements that will be delivered for London in the first year of its latest five-year Business Plan, and shows good progress towards achieving an operating surplus by 2021/22.

The 2018/19 budget details how TfL will continue to modernise transport services and deliver further recurrent savings, which will help it to manage an average £700m per year reduction in Government funding. Full detail can be found at:

The Business Plan, published in December last year, set out a fully funded plan for delivering the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, including investing record amounts in public transport and prioritising safer and less polluted streets, with an unprecedented focus on walking and cycling over the next five years.

Significant savings have already been achieved through reducing management layers, merging functions, renegotiating contracts and delivering transport improvements more efficiently. In the last financial year the day to day costs of running London’s transport network were reduced by £153m, the first such reduction in TfL’s history.  

TfL expects this trend to continue, with like-for-like costs to be lower than last year, and total operating costs £200m better than the 2017/18 budget. This more than offsets the impact of external factors that have meant income has been lower than originally forecast.  The budget for 2018/19 details how TfL will continue on that trajectory to achieve an operating surplus for the first time by 2021/22.     

With the removal of the Government grant, this will be the first year that TfL has had to address the critical and unique demands of London’s road network, including congestion, maintenance, renewals and air quality, without support from the Government. 

TfL will deliver a huge range of improvements for Londoners in 2018/19. These include:

The successful delivery of the Elizabeth line from December 2018, which will re-define travel in London, delivering an additional 10 per cent rail capacity in Central London. The new rail line, which is now more than 90 per cent complete, will be accessible with step-free access at every station in December 2019. Creating a more accessible transport network for all Londoners.  All of the new Elizabeth line trains that open this year will be step-free. TfL will also this year provide step-free access at Finsbury Park, Buckhurst Hill, Newbury Park, South Woodford and Victoria stations and start work on a further 13.  TfL will also introduce a new turn up and go app for staff across the Tube network, to better manage and track requests for customer assistance.   Continued modernisation of London Underground to provide increased capacity and more frequent services. The first section of the Circle, district, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines' new signalling will go live later this year that, when complete, will provide 32 trains per hour in Central London; a 33 per cent increase in peak-hour capacity. Work will also begin on providing new trains on the Piccadilly line with the contract for the new fleet being awarded in the summer.  Together with the new automatic signalling on the line, this will provide 60 per cent extra capacity by 2026.Creating the greenest bus fleet in the world.  More than 1,000 diesel vehicles will be retrofitted with Selective Catalytic Converters, with over half the diesel bus fleet compliant with the Euro Vi engine emission standard by the end of 2018/19.  This will ensure all buses in central London meet ULEZ standards and support the four further Low Emission Bus Zone routes that will be introduced at some of the worst pollution hotspots in the Capital. Continued investment to increase capacity on the rail network, with a full upgrade of White Hart Lane station to serve Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium and support regeneration in the local area.  Work on the extension of Overground services to Barking Riverside has begun, which will boost capacity and supporting the development of large swathes of London.  New four-car electric trains will be introduced on the London Overground Gospel Oak to Barking, boosting capacity and contributing to improved air quality.Delivering the Healthy Streets Approach across London, with the start of more than 25 Healthy Streets local schemes and the first seven Liveable Neighbourhoods projects, which will transform the way local streets work to enable people to walk, cycle or take public transport more, and use private cars less.  A number of major schemes, including Highbury Corner and Old Street roundabout will begin, and plans agreed for new Cycle Superhighways. There will also be a second consultation on the new dedicated cycling and pedestrian crossing from Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf.There will be sustained and record investment in transport improvements across London’s boroughs - the most significant example of this being the proposed transformation of Oxford Street and the surrounding area which, subject to a final decision, could begin in the summer.The development of TfL land for housing and commercial space to help fund transport improvements will continue at pace which will deliver more than 3,000 homes, 50 per cent of which will be affordable.  TfL will also introduce 4G to the Tube and the Elizabeth line – removing one of the UK’s largest ‘not-spots’ for connectivity.
or the pleasure

Liquidation 9th January 2018 1:07 AM
Hi John

Not sure what info you are after if you have already been to companies house?

I tend to use a third party site called They pull their data from companies house but I find it better presented and easier to find stuff including directors info. 

Failing that maybe give companies house a call and ask for advice? Contact details are on their site.”


rhans steve 

thats a great help , you thnk companes huuse  or the gazzzette,  but still trying to get aheafdsmall profir thi year

Shop around 5th January 2018 9:40 PM
Know how you feel.. I have said this at work ,driving around is getting expensive .. I'm off to Wales tomorrow or Tuesday and then down to Teignmouth , lot of driving for 20 minutes work”

and the added bridge toll

Channel 4 money grabbers 10th April 2016 1:42 PM


For us workers its an outrage that you can't watch the The grand national if you missed it.

The BBC always showed a full repeat. Comeback The BBC all our favorite sport ruined

I Tried channel4 catchup and it all plays is adverts its a shame that channel 4 just want a profit out of great uk tradition

Channel 4 please sort it. You  ruined F1 now racing that too,or whoever gave you it, is worse,i wont be watching channel 4 again, even there catch up dont work

Money grabbers channel 4

I was on one of there trains from warrington on monday well impressed