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Does Anyone Care About Bing? 15th September 2016 12:11 AM

If you disregard Bing then just maybe your next customer coming from Bing will go to your competitor, nobody knows where your next customer is coming from yeah.

Can anyone help me with SEO 14th September 2016 11:59 PM

Hi Ms Fitzpatrick

I have had a peek at your website, it seems your loading speeds are a worry and needs improving, look to image optimisation, your H tags are sadly not working for you.

What are you flogging???

It might be a silly question as I do not see it in your H tags and as they keep saying writing good content is king, but it is how you write it that Google likes you, so where is your content.

Your font sizes are an issue with Google, they are far too small.

Linda, your website looks fine, but how many can see it?

i found it further down on Google. Your Server is an issue as well, move to somewhere better.

SEO assistance 13th April 2016 10:13 PM
hi fellow forum folks I'm having issues regarding my SEO and contributing factors on my website I could pay to get this fixed but as not employed (mental health related) I cannot afford to have my site overhauled could I ask if there's any assistance out there for folks like myself struggling. And when they say come build a website it's easy they don't explain you have to learn Java script css file configuration etc etc thank you 



Did a quick check on your loading speeds and they are awful, improve this and it should help, resize your H2 to approx 50 characters. Okay. Change your H1 to bulldog collectibles from antiques to vintage art.

Most businesses forget all about loading speeds.

Does Anyone Care About Bing? 13th April 2016 10:00 PM
I'm looking for a few non online marketers to see if they've ever even thought about anything other than Google when it comes to SEO or PPC? ”

I don't know where my next customer is coming from, do you, maybe just maybe he or she is a Bing user looking for you. If you stick with just google then you are just getting approx 60% of the market pointing your way. I'd prefer 100%.


Try removing the Filter, this might help, all the best.

I was told to add the filter and just connected it and it worked fine.


Since having a new connection at an office around 12 months ago, my internet connection life has been nothing short of a complete misery.

So, here's the background...

1 mile from the exchange.
From master socket > Filter > Landline + Broadband.

From router > LAN - IP phone + desktop > Wireless - 1 Laptop.

Broadband cuts out 8 - 20 times a day. (Messages vary from limited connection to No internet)

BT Openreach have been on site around 10 times to check the line, and the broadband, and always report no fault.

My provider have a case open always trying to track the fault down.

Where does one go from here...

I've replaced the router 3 times, in case it's that. Replaced the cables. Replaced the Master socket. I've fiddled with settings, done this, done that and after a year, the issue is still unresolved.

I am known for my patience. (A year is pretty good eh!)

All I want is  the net to work. I've paid without fail, and received no discount.

Do I:

a) Keep giving them time.

b) Change provider in the hope it fixes it

c) Lose the plot and rewire the world myself

Any advice on what to do when all forms of repair have failed? Anyone experienced anything similar?



SEO for 2015 16th April 2015 12:18 AM
Does anyone have any good tips for SEO in 2015?

Most of my clients find me through search engines. Any suggestions as to how I could improve my seo would be appreciated!

Many thanks,



Prob best tip would be website loading speeds!