Sun worshipper or grumpy and melting? 1st October 2020 9:29 AM
The weather has been SO HOT in the UK. So clearly we need a thread about it. 

The British love to discuss the weather, but frankly I don't feel like I'm in Britain. There's huge storms due to the intense heat today and it's set to continue. 

Of course then it'll be rain non stop for a week and we'll all be moaning about that instead!

So are you a lover of this heat, pretending you're abroad or hateful that you're so hot you can't function? 





I think Global Warming pushing the heat or climate change.

Anyone GDN for your Business Promotion? 30th September 2020 11:42 AM



Does anyone use the Google Ads Display Network for your business promotions?. If yes what are the strategies you follow to show your banner ad on the placement website all over the day?. How much cost you spend on daily and monthly.



Does anyone have a good experience with the "Display & Video 360" Advertising?. Because we have decided to market our client services a large online marketing platform through D&V 360. So anyone has good knowledge on this platform please share your experience with us.

Greetings! 21st September 2020 2:07 PM

Hi Lisa,




Welcome to the MLF community! Don't drop the link here share something about you!!!

Starting a New Business 9th September 2020 7:44 AM




Can you please share the detail of what category of business you have started at this lockdown.  Do you tried SEO and Google ads advertising for your business promotions?.

Back in Time 21st August 2020 8:15 AM

I have see these old model computers and thinking what design newly come in the future. It's hard to handle, store data, and cost is too high.

How Can Double the Website Traffic? 20th August 2020 8:44 AM



Thanks for sharing the helpful info. How long time is taken for SEO keywords ranking for normal websites?.

Hi Steve,

The best piece of advice will be to run an audit of your website and your top 5 competitors. This will help you identifying where you stand and also how you stand againts your competitiors, see the best strategy to follow and double the seo traffic going to your website.

SEO has lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration, however analising your website and your competitors will show you the priority to focus on and quick wins we all are looking all the time.

You can click here to read about few SEO techniques I wrote about, in case is helpful.

Good luck  




Personally I hate videos for learning things and much prefer a blog. And Google still ranks your site much higher with regularly updated content on it and if you're answered questions that people are asking 

I know content is the king for online marketing particulary SEO optimization in major search engine like Google. We are using the user friendly content to update in our website and blogs for keywords ranking.


We are not spending more time reading the blog content. We spent time in the YouTube videos to get the detail whatever we need. Because we have more mobile data and get detailed visuals. This is one of the major reasons YouTube become a second search engine worldwide after Google.

I wouldn't class a vaccine as a cure exactly, but the signs are good that they're testing some vaccines now. ”


Yes, Oxford university doing the testing on the third stage and the media said this is a genuine vaccine for COVID 19.