Happy Xmas & bugger off 2020 25th December 2020 6:20 AM

Merry Christmas to all of you. Let's make our Christmas happier. Cheers!

I feel sad of them. 23rd December 2020 11:24 AM
I'm afraid it's not going to end anytime soon, and here in the UK it seems to be getting worse

But with a vaccine in the process of being rolled out, there is eventual light at the end of the tunnel 


I know you're facing big problems right now due to the strict lockdown. I love reading articles and I randomly find this one  I hope this article helps you 

I feel sad of them. 22nd December 2020 4:09 AM
I'm afraid it's not going to end anytime soon, and here in the UK it seems to be getting worse

But with a vaccine in the process of being rolled out, there is eventual light at the end of the tunnel 

So sad to hear that the UK is now going to strict lockdown due to the new CoViD-19 strain found. I wish your safety their buddy. I hope also that the vaccine will be produced as soon as possible because they state that the vaccine is 95 percent effective.




Time for a Christmas break? 18th December 2020 7:15 AM

I'm currently having my Christmas break.

Six ways to have a better day! 15th December 2020 10:05 AM

Thank you for posting it, Rebecca! May you have a better day as well.

I need some help 15th December 2020 10:03 AM
I think the last one is best and simplest. ”

Yup, it is. I prefer simple words than complex words.

I feel sad of them. 15th December 2020 10:00 AM

I feel sad for those who are greatly affected by the pandemic especially those family that is positive of the virus. Some of the positive patients are currently depressed & losing hope to rise up again. I hope that this pandemic will end before the end of the year and to help those people to rise again. I already help some people and I feel great about it. How about you?

Ways to help small businesses 10th December 2020 8:44 AM
We are in another lockdown in the UK and whilst it seems for the most part rather half-hearted there are some smaller businesses really suffering and I thought it would be good to have some reminders of how you can help!

It is also Christmas soon and we all need presents, so step away from Amazon if you can! (convenience isn’t necessary the best option).

Here are some ideas of how you can hep SMEs:

  • Buy vouchers for future use – great as gifts or for yourself, salons, spas and most places will be open at some point!


  • Order takeaways from independent places – You don’t have to go to the big chains like McDonalds and Costa, look for the small places doing takeaway as most have enabled this since the last lockdown.


  • Pre-order items or pre-pay for courses/tickets you can use next year – similar to the voucher idea but actually prebook swimming classes or gymnastics for the kids or even pay for a holiday next year. This really helps a business with their cashflow.


  • Buy food from local shops or farm shops not supermarkets – depends where you live but most people have access to a farm shop or smaller retailer these days. Supermarkets are great…but buying locally produced food is the way forward.


  • Leave reviews for places you went to in the last few months – we may not be able to eat out or go many places now but think of all the places you have been and make sure you left them a review. Coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, softplay, museums… reviews are the lifeblood of small businesses.


  • Support social media posts from local businesses – all some people can do right now is market online, so support the posts you see with a comment and a like. It is a few seconds to you but will really boost the reach of a post.


  • Source printing and merchandise from local or small companies where possible – there are plenty of big and easily Googled printers but why not ask for recommendations locally and try one of those, I predict the customer service will far exceed the larger companies.


  • Go for Etsy not Amazon! – This Christmas there are plenty of small sellers on places like Etsy who will really welcome your orders. Amazon is convenience in the extreme and so fast but start shopping in advance and don’t rush then you don’t need to worry about the time delay.


Do you do any of these already? Reviewing is something I am trying to be much better at, and I am looking to try the local butcher not the local Tesco anymore, especially as I can’t get a Morrison’s online order for love nor money now!!

Have you got any ideas to add to the list?



Thank you for these tips, I appreciate it, Rebecca. This is indeed a helpful one.

Experts for startup 10th December 2020 8:17 AM

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Accountant 10th December 2020 7:29 AM
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Hi ahmad0777, welcome to the forum! I don't have a problem regarding to tax, accounting or business matter but you'll be a great help to others. Have fun around!