can some one help me with promotion strategies of my business social media?

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Published 24th October 2015 |
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Hi Guys,

im jordan and im a young entreprenur i am looking for some help/advice on how to get my likes and followers up on facebook and twitter, it would mean alot to me....any suggestions.

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If you are starting out, the easiest way to start getting facebook likes is to like other pages and see if they like youback, join like schemes, ie put your business page on a like ladder thread. Means you get likes from real people. 

Don't do it too much, and dont be tempted to buy fake likes or followers, thats a short cut too far and a risky strategy. 

Obviously the correct way is create engaging posts and let people like you naturally.

One trick we do on our twitter page is have an auto response that says like our FB page and we willlike you back.

Twitter wise its down to followers. Old tricks are to follow your competitors followers, and a proportion will follow back.

But social media is all about being social and regular posting. Post regular decent posts, make use of hashtags, if people like what you are saying, they will follow you, simples 

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hey thanks alot i tried 'stealing' my competitions followers and its working quite well 

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You can post regularly including attractive content with info graphics and invite friends and business peoples


Twitter is a vital tool for connecting with your customers especially these days!  When writing posts if you are linking to another page then make sure to use to shorten the url's to allow more characters for your posts. 

Steve is quite right, posting interesting, interactive and relevant posts on a regular basis will most definitely help towards engaging new customers!

When talking about Facebook, there is a tool called Facebook/services. This is a platform Facebook created for businesses to advertise themselves making it easier for locals to find a company close by. We highly recommend that new businesses sign up and get the ball rolling! 

I hope this helps!


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You can also hand out stickers as freebies for your followers and friends!

And that way it can increase instant recognition or brand awareness. 


You can also hand out stickers as freebies for your followers and friends!

And that way it can increase instant recognition or brand awareness. ”


I like the idea. I can use this one as well, thank you.

Edit: There is some old thread never dies for some reasons.


Very recently facebook got their algorithm so so strong, tricky and sharpen. So, I thing Steve is right with his views. Never buy fake likes or followers because most of the likes or followers providers use software to generate likes ... The best way to get in focus or attention to the users is to keep engaging with others manually, to use creativity to post the attractive contents that might be able to draw other prompt attention.