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Published 26th February 2018 |
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Business websites are more of a necessity today than they have ever been.  With more and more people purchasing goods and services online it makes crucial business sense to make sure that a website for your business is a major part of your overall marketing plan.

When looking at options however, there are only two real solutions to choose from.  You can either hire a "professional" to create your website for you, or you can go down the DIY route and create it yourself.  

There are pro's and cons of both solutions of course, the decision on which route to take usually coming down to the budget at your disposal.

So, with this in mind...

What has been your experience with creating a website for your business and what problems have you faced?

If you have already have a business website, what would you do differently if you could start over?

And finally, what have you learned through either process? 


When I started way back when , it was drop-shipping as living in a house doesn't leave much room..Anyway I choose the free option with the do it yourself installations.. I managed to do the self teaching and installing for a long while, but it has gotten way to complicated now to install new things or upgrade.. I now hire a chap to do my work for me and I just tweak my site and mess with the simple things.. Sometimes I do wish I could go back to when I was doing it myself as that is when you learn the most

I have looked at other options in the past but I just find them way to expensive  so I stick with what I know 

Andy-C | Pewter World

From a website designers view.

Websites are pretty much all CMS now.

CMS = content management system

Once your website is built, you can then manage all the content on the site, change images, text, add new menu items, pages etc.

Any software used, templates, themes, components, plugins, 3rd party apps, will all need to be kept secure, just like when you turn on your computer it has updates to perform. To update these you would need to have a subscription for them to be able to upload any new updates that are released.

When we build websites for clients, we build a site until they are happy with it. We then train them so they can manage ALL the content on the site and know how to change everything. We then maintain the site regards security updates to all components within the site build.

I truly think it is better for a business owner to focus on what they are good at and thats running their business, rather than spending hours learning new areas of expertise. Giving a web designer a brief of what they want there website to do, or what markets they would like to do better in, means a web designer can build a site in a certain way so that the web site is optimised organically.

Happy to offer advice, or comment on any areas.


regards Pete


I still don't have a website and I still don't want one really. The more I read the more I think I can manage without as my Facebook page and social media presence is enough as it stands. I don't want to commit to a regular monthly outgoing for it, which seems to be the only way to have a decent one. I am very tight with my outgoings as I am only a small business, it's a balance, which may be stifling growth to an extent but I am limited with my time so I am enjoying growing slowly, it's sensible  


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