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Published 9th July 2020 |
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We face possibly a difficult time in business over the next 12 months or more for any business large or small, are you worried about your future business will it survive, does it need a restructure a pair of eyes to look over what sometimes busy business owners don't see or choose not to see. If you think you may need help on any part of your business, Finance, Sales growth, profit-growth and any other area's then i can probably help.

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Do you cover the service from the UK or worldwide?

Steve Good,
GWC India Pvt Ltd

HI Steve i am uk based, BUT having said that i guess it would depend what sort and amount of input you may need, i am happy to help if possible, just let me know.

My Mentor Coach

The time to come is very difficult for the marketing people who are starting new start-ups because in such a time the work of the people has gone and they are sitting empty.


What experience and track record do you have? If I was you I would lead with this as you need to build trust to get coaching clients. I think business coaches can be great if you pick the right person for you and they know what they are doing, unfortunately there are a lot of less trustwrthy individuals around as well. 

Hi Rebeca depends how you measure experience, but a quick run down on me i started in business around 40 years ago, built a good business with a T/O around 3M plus, sold out around 8/9 years ago, in that time i had branched into other areas, and built a successful property portfolio my net worth was over 4M. And for the last number of years around 8 i guess i have helped kick start businesses, help them grow, build sales teams etc etc.

So i guess i have a bit to offer.

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So i guess i have a bit to offer.”

Now that's the bio you should have led on

Amazing experience, and after 40 years, plenty of money in the bank and still beavering away.

My missus asked me when I was going to retire, and the thought terrifies me! Winding down, working on the business not in it, and a couple of days a week sounds good. But giving it all up, I'd go mad 

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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Steve absolutely, I guess unless you like playing Golf everyday then what would you do with your time. I am a bit of a workaholic always have been, but it is what I enjoy and trying to give a bit back is rewarding. 
Appreciate your comments.

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I'd be dangerous without work to do. I would just find trouble to cause!

Great to hear about your experience. Makes a big difference to your credibility as a coach. 

Thank you Rebecca, I agree with you totally. 

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