Three Month Notice Period

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Published 6th August 2021 |
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Hi Guys,

Just seeking advice regarding a three-month notice period.

I’m a Senior Payroll & Auto Enrolment Specialist with 5.5 years experience of managing back-to-back Payroll processing journey for over 1000 SMEs. This includes processing, calculations, queries, leading the team and delegating work.  Although I dislike the job I am proud of what I have achieved: maintained continuity of service and completed various technical projects.

I’m now seeking a new Payroll job opportunity with better salary and greater personal development. I’ve been advised by recruiters when applying for jobs this is a high / unusual notice period and I should negotiate a reduction – highly unlikely given the attitude of my employer and my standing in the organisation.

Given the current economic climate, what would you do? Hand my notice in and use the three months to secure perm role as the notice period expires I become more attractive to employers?

Take a temp role in interim?

Negotiate a notice-period reduction with my employer and use the time to find something else prior to handing my notice in?

What would you do?




Hi Mike

Appreciate it's been a while and you haven't had a response, so wonder if you came to a conclusion?

For my uninformed 5p worth, it's down to the confidence of your skillset and ability. If it's time to leave, then go, otherwise procrastination will take over and you will find every reason not to go. It's a healthy job climate, roles are now more flexible meaning a potential increase in location possibilities. 90 days notice isn't that unusual for senior roles and companies are used to waiting. Start actively looking and approach companies, and be straight about your notice period, you'll be fine.

A counter-argument is to put in your notice as there is nothing like a bit of pressure that focus's the mind and you will find a new role. But that's easy to say, and can be challenging when you have financial commitments and family resting on your shoulders. Hope it all works out and let us know 

Steve Richardson
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