How to Get Visitors???

By robertmuething
Published 10th February 2011 | Last comment 10th November 2012
There are allot of ways you can get visitors, it really depends on the time you have to promote your business online.

Keep in mind that Google is the largest search engine around I would focus not all but allot of my time on this search engine.

As said above look at starting Social Networking sites this could include
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more

Also look at using forums to help promote your business try and find some specific to your business industry. This forum is an excellent way to promote your business

Create content and add it to sites like Squiddo, Hubpages, gather etc and add some links back to your website. Make sure it


forum avatarhillaryjohnson
20th July 2011 10:04 PM
You Can Get Visitors for your website from Creating good back links, Prefer do follow Site Who Have high Page Rank. Also you can promote your website in social networking sites, it is a best way to increase visitors on website.

There are so many ways that you can get visitors, social media accounts, PPC and SEO are all good ways.

If you want it to happen quickly then PPC is great, but it's pretty costly and you'd need to learn the ropes first to prevent mistakes. Social media is amazing if you get it right, but takes time.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you have a clear strategy in place!


forum avatarRachaelJetkins
24th September 2012 12:32 PM
Various strategies have to be implemented in order to get more visitors for the website. The most essential aspect is increasing the online visibility of the website. This can be done through getting authoritative backlinks for the keywords and maintaining a good presence in the social media websites.


There are many ways to get visitors to you website. The first one is by securing good keyword rankings. The keyword rankings can be enhanced by performing the SEO activities on a regular basis. Start getting backlinks for the keywords and the moment your keywords start featuring in the first pages, you will get more visitor traffic.


What are the SEO activities you have worked on?

Update your website with posting some fresh and relevant content on your site
Posting articles in different article directories,
blog posting and blog commenting and
social bookmarking and
Take advantage of Social Media Optimization.

I am agree with this guys and want to add some missing topics

- Branding your website
- Make strong social media profile with relevant user
- Actively engagement with them
- Create business page in Facebook, Google plus and promote them


Hi, Friends

I have one Question?, How to Get More Visitors for My Website Via Search Engine Like Google, Yahoo, Bing Etc. If Anyone Know Please Give Me your Good Suggestions. I am Waiting for your Reply.


Using sitemap search engine can easily understand how to crawl your entire website.

You have two option to getting visit from search engine

- organic result: You need keyword ranking in search engine that you targeting for your website.

How you can ranking on Google ?

You need to well optimized your website
promoting your website buy Guest posting, social media, forum discussion etc

- Search engine paid result: You need to create paid campaign in Search engine like Google adwords.


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