Aldi and lidl business model

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Published 12th March 2015 | Last comment 7th June 2015

they pay their staff well, no NMW there 

Jonny Windows

they pay their staff well, no NMW there ”

Lower overheads, means you can pay the staff better, better staff retention, less attrition and cheaper recruiting. Sounds like a winning model.

Steve Richardson
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i have noticed and am quite surprized that tesco and the likes dont seem to be fighting back against the LIDL/ ALDI advance . 

Jonny Windows

Their staff are often pretty friendly but the speed factor is definitely annoying.  Apparently they have really high targets for the number of goods they have to scan per hour.  They always get more money out of me on random goods for my daughter or household items.  Who can resist a bargain?  They are certainly doing incredibly well as even the likes of my parents are braving it occasionally!  ;-)

They certainly seem to be cracking the snobbery image, but I suspect it's more of a general shift in attitude as we seem to all shop much smarter. Gone of the days of the Sainsburys or the Tescos shopper. We all seem to chop and change, or split our shops up depending where the bargains are. 

I wish I could spend more time shopping locally using independents, such as butchers, but juggling work and kids, something has to give. Tends to be easier going between supermarkets because it's easy free parking, and you are in and out. 

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