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Jag XF 4th December 2010 12:36 AM
Ok! After starting the debate I thought I'd give everyone a laugh! Have ordered the new car now and you just wont guess what it is because I cant either?

So what do you think???
Just love wikipedia! If you want to know something take the google train to wikipedia land and its all there!
Microsoft Boss flogs a few shares 8th November 2010 10:14 AM
Hmm? That's what you call capital gain! Wonder what he'll do with it? Surely nobody needs that much, he should follow Bill Gates example and put it to good use for the benefit of others!
Haha, the worlds gone mad Steve! We've completed the migration to the hosted 2010 exchange platform over the weekend - 10'000 users, no sleep and no interuption to service for any mailbox - Except mine! Most upset at that haha.

VPC should be live by end of the finncial year, other services online by then though keep eyes on the website as Xmas approaches. (no we're not going to be selling santa hats lol)

Oh I hear you Stever buddy.

We also invented the Jet, but the Germans made it work, Ford got the car going, Aston Martin (personal choice, insert your top choice here) perfected it, those that initiate, rarely top the chart in the end

Aston's win or me too Kip..

It looks like it is Apples time to shine but nobody is ever going to topple MS for desktop, laptop or server OS and that's where they make the money.
I want one 31st October 2010 9:30 PM
Haha am loving this?

Having just spent 6 months working hard to get rid of one (well almost) I cant imagine anyone buying this.

If you're going to spend money buying a beer belly, I say use the money to bu BEER and be genuine about it
What are you eating . . . 31st October 2010 9:26 PM
Yeah we were on the Curry wagon last night too. Amazing take away from the local restaurant strangely enough called "the Indian" - the food there is amazing!

microsoft 7 professional 31st October 2010 9:23 PM
I fifth all the opinions on here.

scratch and rebuild is my suggestion

I'm with Stavros here!
Jag XF 31st October 2010 9:17 PM
See thats what I was thinking Ryan? I've had BM's for 10 years and love them. Never before have I considered a Jag as it's a bit like a Merc to me, it's the car your Dad would drive! But I really like this one!

Depreciation wise am not sure, 5 series are 10 a penny these days and my last one didn't hold its value at all. And I'm not bothered about that as i'll contract hire it anyway!

Thanks guys but I'm still torn lol..
Jag XF 29th October 2010 11:45 PM
Courting opinions here to help with my dilema?

The question is Jag XF or BMW 525D M Sport?

I've always driven BM's but I've heard this new Jag is amazing? Has anybody got one that would recommend them..

It's going to take something special to get me out of a beamer?