Interesting. What's your view on article syndication? We've had a few requests to do it when we write articles for other sites' blogs.

Most seem to think that if you indicate that the article is syndicated, it won't be a problem.

At the moment, I'm trying to figure out the value of putting blogs on our site compared to writing for other people's sites and backlinking in the author statement.

I guess a lot depends on the value of the site you're blogging on. Ezine doesn't seem too specialist so why try to target ones that are more relevant to our line of work like manufacturing and small business sites.
Free Publicity 12th March 2013 11:40 AM
i'd get your logo printed on the side of you car before you do it. Would be great for the local press!
Facebook Marketing 6th March 2013 8:21 AM
after running for a day or so with a free facebook coupon, I'm not seeing any refers. I'd never of considered advertising on Facebook if it wasn't for the freebie, but I guess time will tell.

I think some products & services (including mine) just aren't suitable for Facebook. I'd imagine if I was selling blingy phone covers, I'd make a fortune with it.
at first I wasnt fussed on Google+ but I've seen at first hand how posting my stuff on there radically improves search.

Will people want to leave facebook? probably not for a while, particularly for personal use, but if Google can come up with some profile migration tool, facebook might be in for it.

This is an old Microsoft tactic, embrace and extinguish; it's what they did with novell. Offer some compatibility and allow users an easy, free route to migrate away.
more like advertising pains for the end user. Facebook is the last organisation I'd trust with a copy of my passport so I edited the personal details out before posting.

At least Google are helpful with Adwords and can see the value in providing a phone number so they can talk to their customers and assist with their campaigns.
I recently looked at creating an ad on facebook; got halfway through it and lost interest. To tempt be back they sent a
A few Blog related questions! 4th March 2013 4:25 PM
You need to find places where you can link to your blog. The owner of this forum suggested that I include my latest blog in my signature.

I found that Facebook doesn't really add any value when I link to my blogs, but it's easy to copy and paste so it's minimal effort.

Consider blogging on other sites and not just your own. Check out and approach other site owners if you can write articles for them. Most usually consider it if all you ask for is a small backlink at the end of your article and you don't do the hard sell.

Many article sites use CopyScape to ensure that anything you write for them is unique, but if they don't end up using your content, you can always put it on your own site in the end.

Google plus does make a big difference too. If you share your blogs, you can appear high on their search when other users are signed into plus.

You can also consider syndicating content - but be careful how you do it. Read these articles for guidelines:

Is Syndicated Content Duplicate Content? | Search Engine Journal

Duplicate content - Webmaster Tools Help
How pagerank effect in website ranking 27th February 2013 5:03 PM
I start off constantly looking at our rankings on Alexa and opensiteexplorer and finally came to conclusion that the only stats I should be looking at are those from my own site (through analytics or my own web logs).

Alexa largely uses data from those people who have their toolbar installed (how many people do you know use this? - I don't know any)

The only thing I find ranking sites good for is getting ideas of where to backlink and promote your site.
Junk mail and spam 26th February 2013 1:56 PM
The best thing you can do is classify the mail as junk or spam in your email client when you receive it. If hotmail or gmail get too many junk classifications for multiple users from the same sending, they will blacklist the sender’s domain or outgoing mail address.

One of our user accounts got hacked by a phishing attack and sent loads of junk mail to Microsoft. It was a song and dance to get it unblocked and you have to sign up to Microsoft’s junk mail improvement programme - this is where you have to promise Bill that you'll personally deal with any rubbish that your organisations sends.

If the sender is using services like mailchimp, blocking might not be as effective as mailchimp has agreements with ISPs and mail providers to send mass garbage on their customers' behalf.
PPC budgeting 26th February 2013 9:12 AM
I had some fun with Google just yesterday. You need to be very careful with the "enhanced CPC". I originally had this set on two of my campaigns and all seemed normal.

We didn't run the campaign for a week or so and when I topped it back up, the enhanced CPC had jumped the price-per-click threefold.

I called Google and they said there are a couple of factors that cause this, one is of course the competitor's current bids and the other is because the data for my campaign had gone a bit stale (in just over a week!) They recommended setting it to manual if you