Has the 'Google Memo outburst' started a war?

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Published 17th August 2017


The recent Google memo outburst has really opened my eyes to the ongoing discrimination in our modern world. The memo that was sent out by Google Employee James Damore and has caused nothing but damage to a lot of companies. Topics discussed in the memo include:

  •     Google Biases
  •   None bias causes of the gender gap within the technology industry
  • Biological reasons of why men and women differ.

 I could go on with all the topics but we would be here for days. The main point that I have taken away from the Memo is that there are fewer women that work in the tech industry in comparison to males. After reading a lot of articles regarding this topic and the memo itself I feel as though I do have a strong opinion towards this. I’m not a feminist and don’t usually have strong views on the news; unless I feel that something isn’t right.

Living in the contemporary world, we hear about the discrimination that used to occur towards women many years ago. When we hear about it, we think of it as something that is in the past, something that as the years have gone by has improved and no longer exists. But the truth is, it does still exist. The memo talks about the biological reasons as to why men and women differ, I can see that scientifically this can be proven however how boring would the world be if no one went against science to be the person they wanted to be.

Take women’s football for example, 100 years ago women would never have even thought about running around a football pitch for 90 minutes. It has only ever been presented to be a male sport; which is wrong. The society we live in today is full of unique individuals and in my eyes that’s a good thing!

The workplace should be a place where men and women are treated with equal respect. There is no reason why it should be any different. I believe strongly that men and women are equals. Men should not be paid more for doing the same job as a woman, what if she does the job better than he does?

I personally think the ongoing debate of sexism will still be ongoing when I’m old and wrinkly. Which upsets me.

Going back to the actual memo written by Google employee James Damore. I feel as though you can think of him being sacked in two different ways. The first one being that because he spoke out about the company he worked for in a very revealing way you can see why Google were not happy with him. On the other hand he did speak some truth and expressed an opinion backed with facts, you could say it was freedom of speech.

With such a wide topic, there are so many different opinions and views. It’s not fair to say my view is right because to you it may not be. It’s just important to speak out for what you believe is right.

I would love to know what you all think about this particular topic, be nice to see some different/similar opinions.

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team
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