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Published 13th December 2018 |
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Hi All

I am not sure how many of you already know about/are taking advantage of Google Posts, but I have recently discovered how useful they can be!

Within your Google local panel that appears on the right hand side of a Google search result,  you can add a 'post'. This can be anything from an advert for a product, an event, a link to a blog, a link to your web page... anything really.

All you need to do is go into your Google My Business account (if you haven't got one, you can sign up really easily) and add a post. It will then appear on your local panel towards the bottom and will last for a week, before you get a notification from Google that it is about to expire so you can update it or post a new one!

A really useful little tool to give something you want to promote a little bit of oomph. 

Many thanks,
Natalie - Your Local Girl Friday

Absolutely  The google listing is a powerful marketing tool a lot of people don't take seriously, which is mad as it's 100% free!

The posts feature got rolled out earlier in 2018 and is a good way of getting visibility. Likewise make sure you also add a description line about your business, which is another recent feature.

Here's what ours looks like:

The downside is the posts expire every 7 days which is frustrating, so remember to calendar a reminder each week to create a new post.

If you are new to Google listings or want to edit an old one, then follow this link:

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