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is there an alternative for adwords?

Published 28th September 2009 |
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pretty new to pay for click, so just doing some research. I've heard google can be expensive, are there any alternatives? Someone told me Yahoo do adwords, are they any better?
forum avatarKip FX Design
29th September 2009 11:28 AM
Hi Greg and welcome aboard! I hear Bing is very good, less traffic but better traffic and they have ppc too. Keep hearing great things about it

Hi Greg

What sort of area are you in? Are you combining a bricks and mortar business with online, or are you a dedicated online biz?

May have a steer on what marketing works for you.

Yahoo's offering is called Sponsored Search, and was formerly known as Overture. Works just like adwords, so its down to preferences. No reason why you can't run both. Costs may be cheaper as its a little less competitve than google, but its obviously dependant on what keywords your bidding on.

Link to Yahoo sponsored search - Advertising Your Business with Yahoo! Search Marketing

Microsoft also now have an alternative, although with the recent partnership with yahoo, be interesting to see whay happens.

Their offering is called Microsoft Ad Centre. I've been running campaigns on here and they do work out cheaper than google, but the reach is a lot smaller. So obviously keyword competiton is a lot less. Its good to run alongside adwords, and can generate some good returns, but I personally couldn't rely on it.

Link to MS Ad Centre -

hope that helps

Steve Richardson
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forum avatarGreg
13th October 2009 2:09 PM
wow thanks for the info guys. I'm kind of unofficially doing some work fro couple of businesses, mainly search engine stuff and techie stuff, but been asked if I can help out with some PPC stuff. So doing lots of learning

Hope you dont mind me asking dumb questions!

forum avatarKip FX Design
13th October 2009 2:30 PM
No such thing as a dumb question Greg, only dumb answers!

15th November 2009 6:06 PM
For an alternative to adwords or adsense you should checkout They have a large advertising network and also support "adsense" like publishing to place Ads on your websites for profit. should checkout for advertising you will get lots of traffic and not have to pay the google or yahoo high pay-per-click prices!

Good Luck. Hope this helps

Welcome aboard FreeUploading!

Assume you are also DomainJr.

What sort of stats do you have for advertisers & publishers?

Thinking monthly pageviews for the network, any household name programs?

Currently use adsense and adwords, plus MS Adcentre, so always on the lookout for a better deal, but has to be impressive to match our adsense click through rate on My Local Services.

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
My Local Services | Me on LinkedIn

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