Adwords updates sitelink policy - do you comply?

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Published 28th September 2012 |
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Had an email from adwords this morning explaining about a change to their sitelink policy.

If you use adwords, but are unaware of sitelinks, then it's time to learn! Site links are proven to increase conversion rates and also make your advert stand out.

Here's some Google Blurb: Show your website links below your ad text - AdWords Help

But in a nutshell, what a lot of peeps have been doing, is adding 3 sitelinks, but pointing them all to the same landing page which has upset Mr Google.

As the issue is pretty widespread, here's their timeline:
"We realise that manually checking and fixing duplicates for your existing sitelinks and landing pages might take some time and coordination. So we're delaying more proactive enforcement with existing sitelinks for a few months. But don't wait until the last minute."

So if your adverts suddenly stop performing, now you know why!

Steve Richardson
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Hi Steve,

I'd suggest people worry slightly more than whether their adverts stop appearing. When Google using words like proactive enforcement they are probably talking about suspensions and bans of accounts not just ads.

Frankly though anyone who's been using this technique to send traffic to just one page has missed out on the true power of it anyway. The real value is in having links to different pages of your website that each will fit the specific need of the person searching.

BTW - They've just launched Enhanced Site Links. It's been in beta for a while and these are very impressive. Same rules apply though!


Mike Seddon

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