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Google is the obvious but I am thinking that Bing is converting at a higher percentage (at least with ppc, but should still be the same with seo)

The way I see it, if people use Firefox if you search in the url bar you search google automatically, now if you search (or mistype) in IE then it goes straight to Bing...

Less Tech savy people use IE so I am just connecting some dots in my head
PPC - Big Brother? 11th March 2012 8:51 PM
were you signed in to your gmail account when doing that search?
Social Monkee? 11th March 2012 8:50 PM
Stay away, even from the free one. I saw it like a year or two ago, not worth the hassle of going the website
Keyword domain 22nd February 2012 3:28 PM
This is what I would do if I was in your situation:

Buy it, and just create a simple second website, with info on the topic, seo the site for that target keyword (hopefully you know the keyword is a well searched keyword and a converting one).

Then just simply put your link to your website all over the second website, or put your biz info in there (depending on what keyword/biz your into) that way you could end up having two websites at the top of google.

Having an exact match domain (to your keyword) helps a lot now a days.
Why can't SEO's be performance based? 22nd February 2012 10:49 AM
Ahhh Switch it off Looks like a 1000 other cheesy SEO websites

Lol need a website for ma business name :P but I dont get much traffic so thats why I'm not that fussed about what it looks like atm.

I dont really know what I want the website to actually look like.. I want to blog a bit but I would do that on my personal website but im not the best at writing and don't have the patient to write and keep writing.

Lol why do you think I havent linked my website here on the site :P I dont even like it myself.
Why can't SEO's be performance based? 22nd February 2012 12:34 AM
So where's your website then? I'm guessing that most good SEO company's would all be bouncing around on page 1 of Google..... So that kind of narrows it down to 10


I recently moved hosting providers in jan and the guy helping me left me so it has gone a little pearshaped, and haven't really had the time to do it myself last couple of months.

But being honest, I have never even tried to seo my own website. For 3 plain reasons, I'm on my own (apart from my few outsourcers) so I handle each and every job personally , don't have the budget personally to go and do that and also would rather spend that money else where, so it doesnt really make sense for me to do it.

but the website needs work itself... thats the plan for March, I'm actually thinking of removing the website service from the website and putting up PPC service.

Edit: gah accidently put do co.uk
Why can't SEO's be performance based? 21st February 2012 7:59 PM
So what do you actually do then?

I go look for websites (relevant and quality) to get a link from, this normally requires a top top article of a very high standard for them to accept it. I outsource the easy and tedious jobs that has to be done e.g. social bookmarking and article writing, this does require managing to make sure everything is up to standard. Sure I can spend my whole day doing social bookmarking but its just not logical for me to do that.

It all depends on what kind of job it is, a local business e.g. yours, it is different to how I would go about things for a website about diets.
Why can't SEO's be performance based? 21st February 2012 1:15 AM
When I do seo, I do outsource a lot, BUT, that is specific jobs, such as social bookmarks. I have someone who can do me 1000 social bookmarks for $30, and he does it exactly how I want it. Now I am not going to go to each site and submit a bookmark for 1000 sites, no thats not usefull for my time. Same for articles, my writing is by far not up to scratch as it should be, so I get someone to write me good articles. These are all seperate people, offering seperate services. At the end of the day I still achieve what I want.

For me, I honestly think that I can rank a website for anything except for (porn, pharma, gambling these kind of things). But the budget for it will increase as the difficulty increases, and so does the time frame. I will say to some potential clients that its a hard keyword to target, so I will ask for more and they tell me but they have been quoted
Why can't SEO's be performance based? 20th February 2012 12:24 PM
what I have done recently, in a few freelancing jobs, Is that I offer a startup fees which cover pretty much all my costs and whatnot and then a fee for when I reach the desired spot which is normally 1st.

So its win win really
Hi Steve and James

I appreciate the friendly advice.

Sadly, not much further forward (I've done what was suggested but computer still says no).

I emailed GoArticles and EzineArticles from another computer - they're wondering whether the trouble's caused by my broadband provider. They'll get back to me later .....

It's all the silly little problems that get to me, the ones where there shouldn't be a difficulty but somehow there is.

Am now going off on a massive, temper-relieving SULK! Best wishes, Linda

Well if you want, and you have some articles you want to be posted on ezine, send them to me and I can put them on my account It may take 7 days to clear though as I havent used it much and only have 3 or 4 articles live