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Published 15th March 2016 |
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So I finally took the plunge!

I dipped my toe in the water and sent out emails to previous customers.

I put them into 2  groups , 2 years or more and customers from 12 months ago.

Sent about 150 all told, so far only had 1 unsubscribe.

Will be monitoring to see if anything comes from it.

Fitz2Kleen | Fitz2Kleen Website

Thanks for the update Trena, and glad you took the plunge

I've moved you over to a new thread as it's a great topic. 

Remember when it comes to emailing previous clients, as long as it's not to regular it doesn't matter if you don't hear anything back. If everyone unsubscribes, then that tells it's own story, but we have people who upgrade years after first listing with us, and have received numerous mails without any response.

A lot of the time it can be your mindset, mood or requirements at the time  when an email arrives. If I'm in need of my carpets being blitzed when your mail lands, I'm likely to get in touch. Otherwise it's filed away in the subconscious. If I never want to hear from you again, I'll unsubscribe.

Be very interesting to see how it goes. I imagine time and effort to sort out the mail will be recouped by 1 job, so in theory it's pretty cost effective marketing.

Steve Richardson
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Thanks Steve

After 8 years you would think it would be easy wouldnt you lol?

Blogging is another thing, I have only recently added a blog page to our website

Something else to monitor closely 

Fitz2Kleen | Fitz2Kleen Website

I did a recent blog post on this which may be of interest:

The key to marketing your small business

In a nutshell:

instead of the 95% of small business owners who stated in 2015 that they would be spending more time on online marketing, SEO and social media marketing, spend more time on actually generating sales directly, talking to potential prospects and closing deals, let the designers and marketers create your online ads, what you should be doing…. is EMAILING

Tom Buckland
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