What happens when you die?

By : Forum Moderator
Published 12th October 2017

I was recently at a funeral as sadly my mother in law passed away. It got me thinking about what I want, plus I turn 40 this month so it must be a midlife crisis too! It was a humanist funeral as they are not religious, and neither am I so I think that might be the way to go. For a funeral it was a good experience. She was buried in a woodland burial site and a tree will be planted in a few months, on the grave. I love this idea, as you can visit the tree and it will live on for years and be a habitat for birds and insects and animals etc. 

So have you thought about what you want? I think it is so much easier for those left behind if you have planned it a little and told people. I do think some people find death very difficult to talk about, understandably. I think my family are pretty straight talking with these things.

I will be honest, my real flair for dramatics means I would actually like a viking funeral but I think that is probably pretty expensive 

Sorry about the morbid subject, but it's one thing we all have in common after all. 


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