Carphone Warehouse - goodbye and good riddance

By : Administrator
Published 19th April 2022

It seems the Carphone Warehouse name is set to disappear as it is absorbed into Currys, following the axing of the PC World and Dixons Carphone brand names. 

I don't know whether they are going out with a bang or just set on bombarding us with spam, but over the last few months I've had 7 sales calls from very noisy call centres with very poor English speaking operatives. I'm not even a Carphone Warehouse customer and certainly haven't opted into any marketing.

They normally start with the same speel, my contract is now up for review with my current provider (it isn't), and they can offer me a new shiny phone and a solution for world hunger.

Seven times they have been told to remove me from any marketing list and not to darken my door again. Maybe now the name is finally going as they become Currys, they will drop the overseas spamming call centre approach. Time will tell...

It's a shame, as they bought Tandys, a regular haunt of my youth, but I shall not be missing the Carphone Warehouse 

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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