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Business Cards? 20th June 2012 12:28 PM
Hello everybody!!

In the new Internet era, is there still space for something so traditional like business cards? I'm wondering this because I found a website where they make them magnetic and I thought it could be a good idea, I shouldn't have to invest too much money, but I don't want it to be a waste.

What do you think?

Thank you very much!!

They are definitely still very important. Especially when attending networking events and you are still expected to have them with many large clients. We provide CD business cards but not sure about whether these have real benefits to hand out to everyone. They are good when supplying with an introduction because you can add mush more with web interaction and links to your website. I mention this because you mentioned magnetic ones but surely they still cost more than a standard card and are just a gimmick with no real extra promotional benefits.
We supply much more standard card than CD type naturally.
I have to say I would be surprised if this business model would be very effective.

Some very good points have already been made about trust and the money issues, and for my part, although in principle it seems ok in practice I cannot see it evolving into a workable business arrangement.

You have already encountered problems signing up suppliers, I don't think that will change. Many have already signed up to this kind of service and found it to be a waste of their time. I can tell you now, I'm one of them. Even if it did work, with margins getting tighter, a 10% commission would take away any benefit of having a new customer. Suppliers could't add the commission to their prices to mainytain a decent profit as they would become uncompetitive.
Yeah I've been registered for some time but not really used it much. I had Extreme tracker on my site which is not expensive and gave some great data, trouble is the tracking code on my pages made them look bad for SEO, they appeared as images and you could not apply Alt Text.

Just starting to get into GA now and yes there is a lot to it, there's so many tools I know it will take me time to get to use them with any proficiency. I seem to find something else each time I go in. I am persistinmg with the new version though.
Building Business Mailing Lists 6th December 2011 9:47 AM
I think the best way is to build your own. Naturally we have emails coming in every day fo quotations, from these you can build a profile of what they are looking for and maybe what else could be attractive, a peep at their website will give you lots more data, as long as they are not gmail addresses or the like. Of course this takes time but at least you know there is somenone there and they are quality based. The thing is these enquiries are for at least one of the products or services you have on offer so they are certainly valid opportunities.

It's bet to categorize these as you want to make sure you target properly and not upset the recipient and lose them from future mailings.

With mailing lists bought from a third party, so many are out of date or totally irrelevent. I have been getting more and more crap spam mail lately and on several occasions made the mistake of unsubscribing which tells the other side that my email is still live, thereby generating further unwanted spam as my email gets added to more and more of these databases.
Anyone using Klout? 24th November 2011 2:50 PM
Yes I use it score changes quite frequently and notified fairly freqently too. Its scored on your influence on social media so you can link up your accounts in Twitter, Facebook etc to give it more meaning.

Only just found this, supposedly a monitor of how effectiveness your social networking is. Looks interesting although apparently I'm not very sociable looking at my score

Anyone else use it or have any views on it?

Klout | The Standard for Influence

Thomas Cook Tour Operator struggling 24th November 2011 2:45 PM
You're right, I just need to get there.

Oh blimey, fingers crossed Nice place to get stranded though

Thomas Cook Tour Operator struggling 23rd November 2011 4:35 PM
Hope they last to end of Januray at least, I'm supposed to be going to the Caymans with them then. Wish me luck!!

Uh oh, here's another high profile casualty sliding into disaster. Thomas Cook the UK travel operator is having a cashflow crisis and is trying to secure more bank borrowing, further
Which is the best courier company? 16th November 2011 3:27 PM
Hi Yes there ar a multitude of companies many of which are pretty useless, we have tried many over the years we have been trading, including parcelforce, Tuffnells, Interlink, fedex, TNT and so on but we have found DHL to be the most reliable.

Whoever you use, you will have a problem at some time, its inevitable but its the response to that problem that is also important.

Certainly, again we have found this company to be pretty responsive.

For a small business, sending parcels abroad and in the UK, but not often, which is the best courier to have an account with? which company offers the best prices and service?
Any experience having an account with courier companies that members here have had?


Can you help me choose a SatNav??????? 19th September 2011 4:56 PM
I always find a road map best, I haven't once ended up in a farm yard!!
We get approached for SEO work all the time for clients with new custom designed websites and domains.
I am interested to get feedback on what businesses would expect to pay for SEO work. Obviously this depends on your business keywords but we all have cost ideas and i am interested to know peoples budgets/expectations for launching a new site.

I notice you have been posting this question on various forums, as before it depends on many factors!