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How can i grow my locksmith buisness 21st March 2013 1:54 AM
Additional information on the state of your business, your skills, and the different marketing strategies you have tried before would be immensely helpful so that people could give their two-cents. Perhaps the reason that your business is not doing so well is the same reason that it is hard to give you advice right now: people do not know you or what you can do, making your name very easy to forget. For a locksmith business, one thing that could give you an edge is being able to open special locks that can't be opened by just about anyone with a hammer. It is a business that relies on both skill and equipment, so you could focus on these two things aside from marketing.
How to get clients for my service? 31st August 2012 3:52 AM
You can best contact them either through email or LinkedIn. Do you have a website? It would also help if you do have one.
In social media, communication is of great importance. Hiring a social media manager is then a must if you can't place yourself in the position. People expect you to hear every inch of their concerns.
I must say it's a really good marketing campaign. But I haven't actually taken the chance to do that. But that can be applied to other events in the future. Thanks for sharing.
That's called Augmented Reality right? That's the latest form of media used in marketing today. Most of the magazines utilize it.
Blogging 29th August 2012 7:05 AM
But I think if you'll also place everything on your home page, you are close to the danger of over-optimization. It's just wise to move them to other pages. And it's better for your readers.
SEO Birthday Card 28th August 2012 9:21 AM
Lol! Cute! Also, your joke is funny too, Ukstorage. I have never heard either of these before.
I haven’t seen too big of a success with Google local, but then (as others have brought up) it is still quite new and will take some time.
Personally, I find social networking websites to be beneficial to my business. I don’t spend all day on them, but I do pop on once a day (normally after I check my e-mails) and do what I need to do on them. I have seen some people abuse social networking sites though, posting constantly.
Recession Strategy 28th August 2012 7:11 AM
Speaking of strategy, there are at least four words I could give to survive the recession: Price, Quality, Innovation and Efficiency. We'll have to just focus on minimum profit. But we should still do our best not to compromise the products and services quality. We should also continue to innovate. And lastly, maintain and even raise the efficiency of the processes.