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Free SEO tools for websites 25th April 2013 8:16 AM
SEO serp workbench is also great tool for seo persons. It gives the appropriate result for url for specific keyword.
How can i grow my locksmith buisness 9th April 2013 11:36 AM
One excellent way to get good business is to try doing a few freebie jobs and look for those jobs that some people may have given up on. These can really help boost your rep. Some churches or maybe a museum may need your specialized skills. Take it from me mate. Four years in the biz and aside from emergency calls in odd hours, I do alright myself...avoid the gals and hard booze Cheers!

no doubt freebie jobs works. But it will also become hard to charge them money after some time when they get your service again. or they will give you little amount.

Stick your service flyers in parking lot. Real estate offices, in subway. Do social media marketing. Create page on social media and share tips regarding locks. You have to engage traffic on the page. So people will get know what things you are offering.
blog commenting is useful for seo if you use it with good researching skills. In seo proper posting matters alot. Else you will just get traffic not improvement in business on your website.
Well in my opinion both are important. But if you don't want to spend more on online marketing. Just do business listing in business directories. It will give you good result. These days people look for digital directories to search for appropriate service provider.
Will SEO end In Future?? 3rd April 2013 8:52 AM
Yes agreed with you at this part. Mostly people not do on page seo properly. They just put the high ranked searched keyword in there meta keywords. That part didn't get them more grow in business rather then useless traffic to website.
Will SEO end In Future?? 3rd April 2013 8:06 AM
Where do you see SEo in about 5 or ten years from now. Any major changes perhaps?

this is the same type of question which was asked to the people who do web site development for small business about 10 years ago. Look by yourself how many competitor are come to online for just one type of business.

To improve the better leads and sales they need SEO service provider to get there site at top rank in search engine so they can provide more services.

I did seo work. As far as i saw that people don't bother to go to 2nd page of search engine when they search for something. They prefer to change the search query and continue to open the search results from the first page. So the website with good SEO on first page can have more clients and customers.
Free SEO tools for websites 3rd April 2013 7:53 AM
I use to check seo with Google chrome ad on called "seo quake"
it is also available in opera extension. You can view indexed pages, PR and lots of more info in it for any website.

If you want to monetize your own website then why don't you use Google analytics. They will provide you API type thing. Put it on the all pages you have in website. Then check it in Google analytic.
Will SEO end In Future?? 3rd April 2013 7:48 AM
SEO is most growing field in future. As people in online market introduce there products and they need to do competition with there competitor. They want to there website to be on top rank in searches.
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