Syria - is Russian support a good or bad thing?

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Published 7th October 2015 |
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With Russian overflights of Turkey, and Russian targeting of all anti Syrian Government groups, including those supported by the West, it's certainly becoming a more dangerous world.

Turkeys President has made it clear he won't stand for Russian intrusion into Turkish airspace and has quoted the "Collective Defence" policy that is a cornerstone of NATO. If one member country is deemed to be attacked, then this is seen as an attack on all member countries.

With obvious tension in the Ukraine, and a confusing picture in Syria where no one seems to be sure who is on what side, do you think Russian intervention is a good or bad thing?

Putin is obviously flexing his military muscles as a show of force, if nothing else to divert attention from domestic economic issues. But is it a time for Western leaders to decide on a strategic policy for Syria, President Assad and ISIS. As much as we might not like Assad, the Syrian Army is the only genuine effective fighting force on the ground that is fighting ISIS (and other anti Government groups).

Maybe a joint Western/Russian military mission would go along way to build bridges, avoid any potential cold war style clashes, and deal more effectively with the ISIS threat. All we seem to hear from Europe is talk and committee meetings.

Removing ISIS, then stabilising both Syria and Iraq would then in theory stop the flow of refugees and maybe bring some normality to the region.

Things just seem to be going from bad to worse, while the suits sit and talk. Maybe Putin as bizarre as it sounds could be part of the solution? Or are we set for more brinkmanship or worse?

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Step 1 has to be removing Isis completely , I'm sure there is no arguing that ..2nd Yes they should be part of the force attacking them ..BUT they need to all be on the same page and have specific targets that are located as enemy , yes there will be casualties but it really need to be done as safe as possible otherwise you could end up having even more replacing or turning against us 

Andy-C | Pewter World

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