Mediterranean tragedy and the world today

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Published 20th April 2015 |
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It gets sadder and sadder seeing these news reports of literally hundreds and hundreds of people drowning as they try and cross the Mediterranean in search of a better life, but left to the mercy of people traffickers. I can't imagine how desperate people must be to risk their kids and their own lives.

Its easy to knock immigrants, but people fleeing genocide and an ongoing civil war whilst risking everything in this day and age just doesn't seem right. Just as Italy, France or Turkey can't be expected to host half the population of Syria or carry the cost.

Islamic State and it's off shoots seems to be sprawling across the North Africa and the Middle East, so called failed states are on the increase after we go in and topple the former regime.

But what is the answer? Other than we need to start learning from our substantial historical archives of meddling with other countries and stop toppling dictators.

The world seems to be a much more dangerous and unstable place than it was 30 years ago, when an Iron Curtain seemed to keep European civil war in check, dictators dominated the Middle East and Africa. All we worried about was Nuclear Armageddon and the Russian hordes which it's now quite clear were never coming, and the only threat in the Middle East was getting ripped off in a gold souk and been mistaken for an American tourist.

Isn't this where the United Nations bursts onto the scene, funded by all, providing humanitarian relief, and if necessary military support, but agreed by all. Or do we all close our borders, look the other way and thank our stars we were born in a half decent place?

The whole subject of the Ukraine, the Middle East, migrants dying by the boat load is depressing. What is wrong with the world today. Is civilisation going backwards, or is it the opposite, access to education, media, social media is forcing change and unrest?

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I'll keep out of this quagmire of death .. My own home town has it's own dire troubles that need looking into and is so sad to see people being murdered in full daylight and full view of everyone to see xenophobia is against immigrants from neighbouring countries

check cnn from here  CNN

I just said on facebook this morning what a awful home page I woke up to ,just death and destruction today and it is soo sad .... 


Andy-C | Pewter World

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