SEO Birthday Card 29th August 2012 10:36 AM
I think birthday is to broad, i'd definitely look at the long tail.
How to Lock Your Car and Why 29th August 2012 10:35 AM
No matter what security devices you put in place, there will always be someone who works hard to get round them - if only they put their research and development talents to good use eh.

Thing is, you can't let it spoil your day to day dealings, unfortunately its part of them.

Thanks for highlighting it, i've not heard about it before.
Best Way to get clients 29th August 2012 10:27 AM
We try to 'win' new business off old clients - if that makes sense

So, we set out on each project with customer satisfaction in mind, aiming to fulfil what we said we would do, on time and within budget. Then, hopefully, that client will recommend us and we pick up some additional business.

I don't believe its too much of a strategy, just good practice.

We also contact businesses direct, with a good success rate based on them then contacting existent or past clients for references. Again, this comes back to the first point - creating customer satisfaction.
Blogging 29th August 2012 10:21 AM
I'm prob in the minority, but I disagree. Blogging is all well and fine if you are a good blogger putting up regular updates. There's nothing worse than an unloved or unused blog, which is why I have abandoned our blog

Rich content has been the way forward since the dawn of the web, but there's more to rich content than just blogging.

If I'm understanding you correctly, you are basically using your homepage as the blog? But I can't see any posts that I can respond to or make comments?

If that's the case, this isn't a blog, it's just good content. Why not leave all this great content where it is, and start an actual blog? Or even go one better and start a hair dressing forum, even more great content with user interaction

I'd agree with this. There is no point in blogging just for Google. The point of a 'good' blog is that the owner is generally really interested in the blogs subject, and so produce naturally great content, which is of real interest and value, which is what makes 'Google happy'.

However, if your intending to create a blog for the benefit of SEO and to think your making Google happy then you will probably do the opposite and produce run off the mill content that isn't great, unique or interesting.

Create great content for your site, and as mentioned, create a separate blog on a new hosting account and create great content for that too.
So the Euro soap opera continues....

"Greece's Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, has called for more time to implement tough spending cuts and reforms, ahead of talks on its bailout."

"At issue is whether Greece has done enough to receive its next 31.5bn-euro (
Breakfast meetings 23rd August 2012 10:07 AM
Did you try one?

I attended BNI a while back for roughly 8 months. I found it very frustrating.

Same group of people week in week out, pitching the same blurb. It got to the point where it was clear no-one was listening to the others pitch which made the meeting pointless, but people kept returning regardless as they had paid their yearly subscription.

Very little business passed around, mostly internal referrals for free services to get the groups figures for passing business around up.

There are some decent networks around, but apart from the first week when it will seem like you could do lots of business, once your in you will find it can be very clicky, with other networkers not looking to pass business your way until they know your in for the long haul - they don't want you turning up for one week, taking business then disappearing.

It takes a bit of time and commitment (more than just attending for breakfast, you need to dedicate time long after the meeting has finished) to really get anything out of it, something I didn't want to commit to in the long term, after 8 months mind.

Way up the time, commitments and cost and then see what else you could be doing. There are people that have attended these things for years, and swear by them.
Author tags getting pushed by Google! 23rd August 2012 9:57 AM
It would appear to increase CTR significantly. Maybe G+ will come good after all?

Seems to be a lot of interest in it of late, and engagement is on the up.

Found this nice little slide show, well worth a look: Google Plus SEO and Authorship
Planning for Christmas 21st August 2012 10:24 AM
Even though we've got our wee gift shop, I'm absolutely the world's worst at planning for Christmas - I hate Christmas shopping and I have to argue with myself to make any headway with buying for the shop. I'd be completely delighted if you'd all inspire me! Hubby would do handstands to say thank you for getting me motivated, LOL


Fancy stocking some Christmas Crackers?
Guest Posting 20th August 2012 12:10 PM
Well, as this post seems to be somewhat slow in building up interest thought I'd post a nice little tool:

Guest Posting Search Engine - Paddy Moogan Blog

When you search this engine for your keywords, you will only see results that accept guest posts. So search for the word "travel," for example, and see what comes back.
recovering lost data on google calendar 20th August 2012 12:04 PM
any ideas how to recover ten days lost data, i have appointments for monday and was about to print them, only to find they were not there anymore. They were when we went out this morning

Thats a real pain, i've no personal experience with it but spent a few mins looking around. This might be of interest? Spanning’s Latest Free Tool: Undelete for Google Calendar | Spanning