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Published 13th August 2012 |
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Guest blogging is a great way to build relevant links to your website from authoritative websites within your niche - its been around for a while, but still going strong.

Bloggers are always in need of content, and many will jump on an opportunity to add great content to their blog that their readers will enjoy, and often you can get a good link back from a high PA / DA domain.

The most difficult part of using guest blogging as a link development strategy is the very first step - identifying guest post opportunities.

So, thought it would be a good idea to create a thread discussing this, One where we can share opportunities and ideas, and perhaps share guest post opportunities that we know of.

Paul Myers
Sounds like a good idea.

Only flaw in the plan for me is I'm a rubbish blogger and useless at updating my own blog, let alone writing blogs for other sites!

But I know there are a few on here who are into their blogging. Is anyone up for some guest blogging, or know of any opportunities?

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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Well, as this post seems to be somewhat slow in building up interest thought I'd post a nice little tool:

Guest Posting Search Engine - Paddy Moogan Blog

When you search this engine for your keywords, you will only see results that accept guest posts. So search for the word "travel," for example, and see what comes back.

Paul Myers

That sounds like an interesting tool to play around with, thanks for sharing it.

Blogging is awesome, especially when you can build a blog that people always go to for the latest info in their niche and think of you as an authority. Its just a lot of hard work, and researching for it could take you longer than writing the post itself. But its still rewarding to see a response to something you're written.

There are a lot of threads in various marketplaces around the web that ask for / or offer services as guest bloggers, and specify the niches they want their posts written in, so having a look there can also be a good idea.


Never come across that Paddy Moogan site, just been mooching for the last 20 mins on there!

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
My Local Services | Me on LinkedIn

Hey guys,

That site seems to be down at the moment but I would suggest just using Google to find guest posting opportunities. Just tap in:

"keyword" inurl:"submit guest post" OR inurl:"write for us" OR inurl:"submit guest post" OR inurl:"guest post for us" OR inurl:"submit guest blog"

Obviously replacing "keyword" with your keyword. I have a program that automates the searching and scraping of email addresses to speed up the process but unortunately it's not for sale anymore so I can't link you to it.


That's a shame - that site was offline when I just looked. I think guest blogging can be effective though (I just need more time to do it!)


. I think guest blogging can be effective though

It can be, even more so now its 'back to basics' where Google is concerned I.E. generating natural links by getting great content out there.

Difficulty it - how do you get your content out-there once you have created it?

Guest posting is one option - how have you guys approached this ?

Would love to get a discussion on the go, with some ideas.

Paul Myers is quite a good way to reach out for active bloggers, all nicely categorised!

Also recommend, but you get quite a few (majority) low qual sites.

From my business website, I like to reach out to other business websites that have blogs, that are not in the same industry, but industries that could see worth.

For example, if you had a teleconferencing company + website/blog, I'd reach out to Green related businesses asking to write a piece about how conference calling saves money and the environment.


I run an online payments and e-commerce blog and welcome new guest posters as long as the content is relevant to e-commerce businesses. I think it can open up your audience and attract new readers and raise some really important points. Not to mention save me a bit of time. As long as the posts are relevant, non salesy and non spammy I think guest posters can add real value to your blog. Plus the post will get extra promotion which cannot be a bad thing.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to contribute to our blog...

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