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Published 23rd May 2019 |
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So we get to vote for our new MEPs today. Despite the fact we are meant to be leaving the EU....aren't we? Does anyone care anymore about MEPs? Any guesses on how low the turnout will be? It was very bad for the locals.


Had to miss it due to work ..Left at 6am this morning and staying over night in Exeter ..


Andy-C | Pewter World

Oh yikes! Should have got a postal vote. .. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. 

I always vote without fail, I learned the other day on the news that in Australia, you are legally obliged to vote...... Failure to do so will land you with a penalty fine.... Although I’m not a fan of the state dishing out financial penalties to its citizens, I think for this it’s a good thing..... I’d even be happy for 16 year olds to vote, after all they do pay taxes, can get married, buy a lottery ticket etc......afterall any political election does effect their futures.... though I would not be happy for them to vote in a second referendum on the basis that they never voted in the first.... Anyway yesterday was always going to be about a protest vote, regardless of what politicians wanted (remain) we are going to leave the EU and thankfully democracy is going to be restored to the U.K....... The current crop of politicians have cost this country billions whilst trying to sort out brexit, there’s going to be a lot of new MPs at the next general election.. as many of the current lot will be sacked for failing to represent their constituents that elected them to do just that... So I personally don’t believe yesterdays election was a complete waste of time... it allowed the country to show parliament its current frustration with the political system....... it’s not the electorate that does not understand what it’s voting for.... it’s the politicians not understanding the result....


So, the results are in.....I have already said my piece on Facebook and I am happy to as I don't want friendships with people who support Farage. ... but anyway...what do the results mean? Some are saying this means they have to leave now, with or without a deal as the people have spoken (again) but actually the parties for remain got more votes, they were  just divided. 

The country is still so divided, the parties are floundering and the PM is leaving...what horror comes next?

Oh yikes! Should have got a postal vote. .. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. ”

I know, but I only found out 2 days before voting day lol.. Think it is the first time I have missed voting in my life. Still either way I thank the Lord every day that I live here.. People back home have no choice but to live in a squandering country that is literality hell bent on destruction. They keep voting the same bent corrupt think of only themselves government.

Andy-C | Pewter World

The country is only divided because there’s a minority that refuses to accept a result from a democratic vote.... I know of no other election held in this country whereby the losing side are constantly waving their rattles over the result of an election... Remainers all complaining about the population not knowing what we were voting for, how we were all misled in 2016....... If you want to know what being misled by politicians is.... then go back to the 1975 referendum...  there was no mention of our current situation with the EU... just an equal trading platform amongst nations..... As to our current flock of MPs, it was them that voted to give the British public a referendum, it was those same MPs that agreed to honour the result of the referendum..... The question was simple, do you wish to remain in? Or do you wish to leave?...... no mention of trade deals, border controls, freedom of movement.... the question could not have been simpler.... Every general election the winning party fails to deliver on the manifesto it was elected on..... yet no one ever says anything..... yet the referendum was just a in or out choice and has been turned into something else... 

At what point will remainers accept a democratic vote? At some point in time they’ll have to.....  I’m still trying to fathom out what remainers have got against us leaving... it cannot have anything to do with jobs as the high street is gradually closing, car industry vanishing.. British steel going to the wall all under the watch of the great EU...Maybe just maybe if our 650 MPs had carried out what they were instructed to do.... then we would not have had to have the recent EU elections.... thereby saving a whole heap of cash..... then maybe we might have had enough cash to save British Steel....... Oh wait a minute wasn’t it the EU trade rules that prevented Britain from saving British Steel?....


Every citizen has the right to vote, whether it belongs to any caste, religion, and class. The law is equal to all. Whenever voting occurs, I enjoy voting. On that day I realize my power that one vote of ours can change the fate of somebody, that can bring change in this country. That time you will feel the same. On this day you can get your anger on the government by vote, so everyone should vote and choose the MEPs of their choice.

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