any one use google adwords

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Published 17th May 2011 | Last comment 28th January 2013
forum avatarDragonFD
21st September 2011 2:30 PM
Use the tool provided to research keywords. It's helpful as it gives ideas related to your product, also a guide as to how many searches are carried out for a set of keywords, how completive the words are and what the likely cost per click will be.

As previously mentioned in the thread I would avoid using broad match; you don't want to people clicking your add when there is no real prospect of them buying from. You can also use negative keywords to further target you adverts.

If you want instant traffic adwords is excellent - but at a cost. Don't set a budget you can't afford.

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11th October 2011 2:35 PM
Goggle's AdWords program has implemented automatic rules. Be very careful in setting these rules and have a tutorial first. Nevertheless this is a useful way to automatize your daily AdWords business.

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18th October 2011 4:01 PM
Google adwords in great if you're just starting a business. But you do need to do your research first...

1. Use the keyword tool and narrow down at least 5 keyword phrases that people will most likely type in to find your site. Choose a couple that does not have high competition.

2. Establish a budget that you are willing to spend on clicks.

3. Make sure that your adword ad is DIRECTLY related to your landing page/ website. Helps your client stay more.

Eventually build up a blog with your website and get up there the natural way in time...

I agree with the previous postings regarding keeping a good control on the budget, I used PPC Adwords also to kick start projects ..
One small piece of advice that can be a goldmine is to target low cost and sometimes obscure keywords that still have relevance to your market.

You may also want to look around for other PPC or PPV suppliers like Adnet some of the adwords alternatives can be very cheap with good ROI depending on your market.



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Why is a good AdWords CTR so important?

CTR (Click Through Rate) will tell you how your add is performing. If you are getting a decent click through rate, then your add is generating interest and doing its job.

What you want then to make it viable, is a good conversion rate once the click has landed on your page.

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Correctly set up, AdWord is one of the few ways you can see a direct Return on Investment. If you install the right conversion tracking code, and ideally back it up with correctly set up Google Analytics, you can get very good data.

This means, if you understand your operating margins, if you are getting a +ve return on investment, then you can effectively spend a fortune and make a bigger fortune.

A large online player may spend


The problems comes for the less well informed, who dabble in AdWords, without tracking installed and not understanding the some of the basics, like 'broad', 'phrase' and 'exact'.

If you are not up for spending

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
My Local Services | Me on LinkedIn

Yes, you are right, there is another area where Adwords makes sense too, where there isn't much competition or demand. (to elaborate, I was selling a very niche item for


Whatever you do (if your budget is small), do NOT use broad match.

You could find yourself spending a fortune!

Definitely agree! You have to be so careful with budgeting for PPC.


From personal experience, Adwords is fantastic - as people have already mentioned; keep hold of your budget, but more importantly for me, I'd say track your results. If you are lead generation, or selling online - you need to understand what keywords are bringing the traffic and more importantly - which keywords convert.

If you get keywords that convert well, it's no longer about research or using short term - it's about ROI and get rid of expense.


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