UKIP seems to have self destructed?

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Published 14th May 2015 |
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What a difference 12 months makes. Last year we seem to riding the crest of a UKIP wave, now there are very public spats and skulduggery going on.

The UKIP election campaign director has turned on Farage according to the beeb, "who was quoted in a newspaper calling him "snarling, thin-skinned, and aggressive".

Nigel Farage facing leadership contest demands - BBC

There one and only MP has been blasted by the party for not taking the full allowance of Parliamentary money which is an astonishing £650,000 of tax payers money! A very admirable stance from the UKIP MP, and it seems the money is so high due to the way money is calculated for opposition parties, with a formula dividing seats by votes cast.

No doubt that will soon be amended  

I suspect Nigel stepping down, then inadvertently back up again with no leadership election has now set the tone for lots of division and in-party fighting. It does seem to give the party a bit of an amateur image. Growing pains or a sinking ship I wonder?

Steve Richardson
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Everything just seems a mess...
Riots / Protests all over the place - hardly reported on the news, Political leaders resigning for losing...

It all makes me want to emigrate more!

I had a National front guy come to my office canvassing prior to the elections. He had 3 votes in the election... 

Maybe Ill stay...

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edited my post lol

It ain't so bad here let me tell you ,we came over here to get away from a lot of rubbish that was and still is going on

Andy-C | Pewter World

They were talking about this on the radio today ... Sounds like some people are trying to do a  take over and not succeeding and are now kicking up a fuss and throwing their toys out of the cot so to speak ...Well that's what I got out of it   

Andy-C | Pewter World

There will always be political infighting, even the Conservatives will have it during there current term in office. At the end of the day if the SNP can have a leader who is not an elected MP then so can UKIP. I think once they get past the current arguing they will come back stronger and better. I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually ended up merging in the future with another party...


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