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Published 12th September 2015 |
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So they voted against the right to die bill, easily as well. It's such a difficult subject. I honestly don't know whether I agree with it or not. 

It must be desperately hard if a loved one becomes so ill and in pain they want to pass away with dignity and peacefully, as a person who is a wuss with pain I can't imagine I'll be very good with any chronic illness I might encounter. It does seem sad people can't die as they wish in their own home, surrounded by family, or friends, at their own bidding. But then perhaps our deaths can never be at our own bidding, and that is something we have to accept? 

There is a danger that very ill or old people that feel a burden to loved ones, especially if care is expensive and tiring and they may feel they should choose a way out to alleviate things. That is the main argument against it I think. The law would involve two doctors and a judge agreeing so it isn't as if doctors could get away with doing away with patients. 

My mum actually suffers with progressive MS which causes a lot of pain, she can't walk and is losing her sight. There will be less and less she can do as the years go on and she relies on help with a lot already. As a Christian I know she would never consider assisted suicide anyway but seeing her in pain is already difficult, so I can't imagine how we will feel when it gets worse as she ages and the disease progresses. Of course Huntingdon's and Motor Neurone Disease are the most widely known culprits of such debilitating symptoms with their unforgiving progression.

If you start losing the ability to function at what point is your quality of life so poor you don't want to go on? Who has the right to decide on where this line is drawn? As it stands you have to go to Switzerland and therefore people have to make the decision while they can still travel or risk a relative or doctor being prosecuted if you manage to persuade them to help you here. 

What do you think? It is something we all hope we won't need to consider I guess!





I am all for assisted dying , although it would need to be regulated heavily and not given out freely, you do hear these horror stories of people just wanting to pass on and they can't because it's against the law ..

Andy-C | Pewter World

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13th September 2015 9:17 PM

I am all for this as well, I think its a persons right to die or not but agree with Andy it should be regulated.

It seems a lot of people are for it, yet the vote was easily against. 

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13th September 2015 9:42 PM

I don't think it will ever get voted in to be honest.

Yet they'll try and get fox hunting back....SIGH.

I dont understand this at all 

My cat gets run over and cannot be "repaired" and there is no hope so they will put it down.

My Dad had a brain tumor, there was no chance of a recovery/cure yet we had to watch him slip away bit by bit for several weeks. Each day a bit more of him died, before he slipped in to a coma 4 days before he eventually succumbed.

No dignity no humanity, suffering unknown ......

Not saying he would have done anything about it - but who knows. 

All I know if I get a terminal diagnosis I'm off to Dignitas !!

Words fail me 


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14th September 2015 12:31 PM

That's a good point Clive.

Just say for instance though if it ever got voted in and allowed here in the UK who would it be up to for say if the person in a terminal way could not answer who is it down t, to make that choice?

That's a good point Clive.

Just say for instance though if it ever got voted in and allowed here in the UK who would it be up to for say if the person in a terminal way could not answer who is it down t, to make that choice?”


Now you have changed the point slightly from the person concerned deciding on their demise to making an executive decision for a family member. If there was a legal stance i could have taken to lessen my fathers suffering then i would have considered it along with the rest of my family.

Each case has to has its own arguments but in my fathers case he lost mental capacity to make lucid decisions about anything financial and his care around 2 months before he actually died.

I have a lot of the decisions  I made regarding his care in the final weeks still on my conscience. Would I want the fact I pulled the trigger on him too with me as well, even to lessen his potential suffering, i just dont know 


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14th September 2015 1:07 PM

Its understandable that will never leave you but you just have to think of all the happy times you have had with him and that he is at peace now.


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