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Viruses 9th April 2010 7:20 PM
Anorak, whats the latest market share for Macs? Isn't about 4%? not much of a pose factor if larry the hacker manages to infect 4 Macs and an ipod worldwide Now a decent iphone virus would certainly get people flapping, install a ropey phone app and boom!

Most (99.9%?) virus's are introduced by the end user. Passing trojans and other nasties should be picked up by your AV scanner.

As Stavros says, make sure your defintions are upto date. Put in a good AV policy for your office, software & internet usage, make sure it works and everyone understands it, then forget about it.

Any employee that opens a joke email and wipes out your accounts database, fire 'em

Hmmm, time spent in wasted man hours sorting out PC from factory settings and getting back to how you like it versus buying an annual AV licence for
Viruses 8th April 2010 7:32 PM
Im not suggesting anyone does this, but i have no anti virus, dont bother with one as i have found the rust in them to be false.
i hasten to add that i dont have as much stuff on as you guys as mine is only for the website and emails, and a few invoices which i have copies of anyway.

but in the past, when i have had a virus, ive done the usual thing healing it. but 7 times out of 10 a windows file has gone with it, ans i cant restart my comp.

so i have now worked on the policy of not bothering, if comp crashes, i restore to factory settings.

if i think i have something i do the same. all runs great again. takes an hour or so.

but i would not suggest anyone do the same as me, it maybe a case im doing something wrong.

benefits of being a drunkard. 7th April 2010 7:52 PM
Aww, thanks Mike - there was me thinking I was being a gloomy cynic with a tendency to over-think things!

oh, wait...


you made some very good valid points mary

benefits of being a drunkard. 7th April 2010 7:29 PM
Its not really down to the people who find they cant live without alcohol, or a gamble, or drugs or many other things that no doubt you lot could come up with. But these things have been classed as an ilness. what defines that, its not for me to say. So they should be treated. And no they cant work, health and safety issues and trust in the work place come to mind.

What has caused this, is society, and the greed for money. Thats not to say thats wrong as it employs loyal staff and helps them to support their famalies and the likes.

Alcohol, 3 litres white cider for
Page 1! 6th April 2010 7:25 PM
a big well done just shows the power of the people on here, for any newbies that join

good luck

Google Pagerank Update 5th April 2010 1:37 PM
I get average 50 hits a day, and consdiring im in what i would call a minority product im happy with that and a page rank of 1/10.

I must admit like alot here im new to this and i would guess that 99% of the great guys on this forum are here because the made and prepared there own sites, and hopefully picking up business along the way.

So we competing against the big boys in our chosen proffesions who have the big cheque book and can get the pro's do it all for them.

So i have to say a big well done to all you guys, for the sites you created, the time and effort you have put in. We all know how many hours its takes.

I dropped down from page one of google to top of page 2, now i have moved up to 3 from bottom of page one. Im chuffed to bits. I know its the help of you guys, the forum. My competitor with the big cheque book is no where to be seen

Hosting 4th April 2010 12:15 PM
Dont know but about web hosting, never neaded to really.

I use webeden. not sure how much these things cost but seems a resonable price, For what i wanted my online shop. it works perfect for me.

But the wife does abit of site building, it was not for her as it does not yet support html code she says.

Keeping Motivated 3rd April 2010 6:09 PM
My motivation,

is abit like what has been said, I love what i do, im quite an out going person and love that banter with customers.
You can find motivation in many different ways, not just how much money you earn.
I found a job i love, only been in the fish industry 5 years. My boss has been around in the buisness for 40 years his family for 80 years.
I would like to think i will take over when he his done in one way or another.

but my real motivation again is the customers.

i work alongside my boss, he has been in the industry 40 years, had this shop 15 years.
Phone rings, its for Sean
Customer comes in, they wait for sean, they will wait in a que 5 deep to be served by Sean
Resturant phones up they ask for Sean
A new customer comes in, recommened by a friend, they have been told to ask for Sean.
It feels good i will be honest. when people say go there and see Sean he will look after you.

with that i would like to carry on the place when he has fisnished, my estimate, 4 years. So i also what to build a buisness along side this one for ths one. So i can carry on, I will never get rich out of it, but could make a reasonable living. But everything i do is for where i work.

Im out the house 10 hours a day. and spend 2 to 3 hours a day, tweaking site. reading up, updating details, and booking out orders when i get home..

thats my motivation

p/t Job offer 2nd April 2010 5:05 PM
Sorry to hear the news, Bet they let the best get away, someone loss could be someone elses gain, fingers crossed for you.

My site has gone off the radar! 1st April 2010 8:31 PM
Good point this - if I'm hunting for brownie delivery companies and I've never heard of Mama C's, I'm going to type "brownie" into Google, not "mama c's".

very good point mary. took ages for me to think of name for sire that would come up in the searches.

went for Fish and Seafood which is what i thought would be the common search words. and the got the domain to match with the direct that i wanted.

Now i notice, many rivals are trying to get as close to what i have a possible.