Blimey, Corbyn under pressure from his party over Syria

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Published 27th November 2015 |
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Fascinating watching the drama unfold within the Labour party. Party leader Corbyn is against the Government plan to extend air strikes into Syria, but seems to be in the middle of a party revolt, as a lot of his members want to offer cross party support for airstrikes.

Some great accusations coming internally from Labour, "Corbyn and his band of Trots in the bunker!"

I think he has got a fair point about the strategy, most people agree that air power alone will never stop ISIS, and a few more planes from us won't make any difference. The reality is, we will have to have a military force on the ground in some shape or form, preferably under a UN banner, and everyone doing their bit.

Interesting times ahead for the Labour party 

Steve Richardson
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I think the air strikes are a MASSIVE mistake and I am glad Corbyn is saying his piece. I am actually starting to really like him, at least he seem to have opinions he sticks to. The air strikes are a stupid knee jerk reaction and will be a waste of time and money. They'll likely kill lots of innocent people and create even more recruits for ISIS. Brilliant. 

Well so it begins, the RAF are certainly getting their moneys worth out their Tornadoes! I reckon they ,must have wound the clocks back to get a few more miles out of them.

Be interesting to see what happens now in the Labour camp and how the recriminations go.

Great thing on the beeb, "find out how your MP voted"


Steve Richardson
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Personally I think the right decision was made and was certainly impressed with Hilary Benn's passionate speech. I think sometimes the UK involves itself and gets involved in other countries political conflicts far to easy, usually the argument is down to oil or some other commodity although no government will ever admit to that. But this is something different, you cannot have either a religious or political group parading people in front of cameras and chopping of heads, limbs, chucking them of buildings or teaching children to kill adults who are tied up and blindfolded, sit back and say it is nothing to do with us. After all these victims too are innocent. I also take the view that these brainwashed children who are now also killing, will eventually turn into adults and they to will have children, although it goes against everything a normal sane human being thinking, I have no problem with the entire lot of them being wiped out of the face of the planet, but I do feel extremely sorry for these children of having their innocence robbed from them.

I think the bombing of Syria should be relentless and non stop 24hrs a day 7 days a week until this evil group are eradicated, yes innocent lives will be lost, but far more will be lost otherwise. This isn't a group of people where you can sit around a table sipping afternoon tea talking about peace plans...     


I bet it makes bugger all difference. I can't see how it'll wipe them out at all, most of them are in tunnels etc. aren't they? Not just sitting around waiting to be bombed. Believe me, I hope I am wrong and it will sort them out.  I can't help but feel it'll just be used by the extremists to recruit even more to their number. I don't know what the answer is.

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