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Published 28th October 2020 |
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But only if you want to .... I can pm info

Andy-C | Pewter World

Just seen this .. All very mysterious!! 

PM away, as long as it's legal 

Steve Richardson
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lol .. Mysterious indeed..

Have made a few changes as suggested as best I can.. Speed is always going to be a issue ,but have added gzip and a cache code in .htacces and site is a little bit faster now .. Finally found out how to remove create account and log in from the checkout and replaced with a social log in... Removed stuff from footer so not so crowded and changed the font of the site .. I did change the colour of product headings to add a bit of colour to product pages and got rid of as much irrelevant info as possible...Still to find Rebecca's solution of the terms conditions but the changes I've made don't seem to show as I do agree they are awful. There are quite a few things I have no control over though   

Andy-C | Pewter World

Just had a quick look on my phone and it was significantly faster and that's got to be a major factor. Let's see if your conversion rate goes up now! Keep us posted. 

That's good to hear it is faster.. I just cannot find the terms heading lol.... I have changed every instance I have found over 5 pages. But I will find it somehow lol

Over the past 3 weeks or so all my stats including sales are on a rise, so is  a good thing ..At last, I can now start working on my jewellery website

Andy-C | Pewter World

Great, I can't wait to critique that one. Hehe. 

Trying to amalgamate gdpr and terms in 1 .. Or is this too much

1.By placing your order you agree to the website terms and conditions. (Read the Terms of Service)
    2.The personal data you provide is used to answer queries, process orders or allow access to specific information.
    3.You have the right to modify and delete all the personal information found in the "My Account" page..

or should I remove 2

1.By placing your order you agree to the website terms and conditions. or

1.By placing an order you are agreeing to the websites terms and conditions. or something else lol

look forward to your critique 

Andy-C | Pewter World

I think the last one is best and simplest. 

I think the last one is best and simplest. ”

Yup, it is. I prefer simple words than complex words.