Brexit or a failed exit? Just get on with it

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Published 21st November 2018 |
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Will we, won't we, should we, shouldn't we....

I genuinely sympathise with Theresa May. Like her or loathe her she has a monumental task on her hands. Few people, male or female could stand up to the immense pressure, negativity, hostility and abuse she deals with on a daily basis.

Regardless of your politics or your views, this nastiness and aggressive nature of politics seems to have migrated to us from the States  

I voted remain, acknowledging the EU was seriously flawed, but hoping we could help steer, cleanup and continue to keep some of their more hair brain policies in check. But I'm in a minority (just), so now just want to crack on with things and bring some stability back to the country and economy, especially from a business and personal point of view. (move house, interest rates, inflation, household costs etc).

I haven't read (and haven't got the will to read) the 500 page Brexit document. I've absorbed about as much speculation as humanly possible, it doesn't seem to be the brilliant deal the leavers prophesied, but it's a deal. So let's get on with it.  

We were in a club and we're leaving. It's their club, their rules and we've decided to quit. End of story.

Why we think we have the right to demand that some of the club rules still apply to us once our membership has expired is beyond me. Try that argument when your AA or RAC breakdown cover expires, or maybe your membership to a book club.

Watching the Tories go through one of their traditional imploding self destruct routines, whilst the country is on the brink of chaos with a population confused and bewildered, will no doubt usher in a Labour government within the next 12 - 18 months if not before.

I'm no fan of  Mr Corbyn or any of Labour's policies, but one part of me wonders how much worse a job could they do? Maybe it's time for a coalition between all of them. Even get Vince Cable back in there as a voice of reason. 

Anyone else think it's time to end the nastiness in politics and for MP's to start thinking about the Country first rather than self interest and egos  

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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I say just hurry up and get on with it,It'll only be a few years and then everyone will be leaving to join the brexit party


Andy-C | Pewter World

You are so right Steve - if Politicians stopped stabbing each other in the back and actually joined forces, we might get somewhere.

I nearly had heart failure the other day when they said that the deal TM had put together was 'approved in seconds'. NOT GOOD.  

Many thanks,
Natalie - Your Local Girl Friday

It's a mess. It's a rubbish deal, it was a rubbish idea in the first place and the people dealing with it all are rubbish. Feel free to swap the rubbish for something less forum friendly! We have a government as they are meant to be putting the country first and seeing the whole picture so why they are continuing with Brexit is beyond me as it is and has already been terrible for the country.  The referendum wasn't even legally binding, they didn't have to  go through with it.  The campaigns were flawed massively on both sides as no-one really knew what was going on. 

Sadly, they will never all put their heads together and work on what's best for everyone, it will continue to be run by self-centred ego-maniacs as the media and big corporations have far too much power. Time to go and live on a tiny island where is Guy Fawkes when you need him 

This post was back in November yet nothing has actually changed....and it's nearly deadline day with the EU! All this time since the referendum of doom and nothing is sorted out at all. How ridiculous!

Does anyone think we will still leave? I still think they should abort. Then we can look back and laugh about it in a few years.

As a newish member of Britain , I still can't see how people would want their country to be run another country , it just boggles my mind and still does. We fought 2 world wars to stop Germany and now we just falling over like a softy . Then to top it off we give them £250 million a week. Then there is the other side how many countries are now so poor they can't do anything any more thanks to the EU.

Just my 2 cents worth , but not fussed either way anymore

Andy-C | Pewter World

It's not really as simplistic as that though Andy. We receive a great deal of funding back from the EU, the number of things that have been helped by EU funding is numerous in this country. And the laws we adhere to through them are things like human rights, it's not all straight bananas. 

Is the EU perfect? No. But is the free movement of people and goods worth it? Yes. Absolutely. In my opinion we're shooting ourselves in the foot. The anti immigration crew won't even benefit as we'll have to do trade deals with India and China, so we'll end up having to agree to unlimited immigration from those countries instead. 

Meanwhile... 8 April, guess what we're still in

What total chaos, we seem to be sliding towards an accidental no deal brexit. The worse possible outcome for everyone thanks to our dysfunctional and unbelievably crap political system.

Bring in the Queen, a bit of direct rule, what else could be worse?

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
My Local Services | Me on LinkedIn

Meanwhile... 8 April, guess what we're still in

What total chaos, we seem to be sliding towards an accidental no deal brexit. The worse possible outcome for everyone thanks to our dysfunctional and unbelievably crap political system.

Bring in the Queen, a bit of direct rule, what else could be worse?”


At this point anything is worth a try? I am running out of words to describe the whole thing....

But Unfortunately parliament decided to hold a referendum, they all (650) baring any in jail voted that the British people would have a say by voting in the referendum. I don’t buy the argument that people didn’t know what they were voting for, of course they did.... I think most people voted leave because they were tired of having an unelected bunch of overpaid people telling us what to do... sadly when the leavers won, certain parliamentarians and others tried to turn it into a race issue.... just like in England if someone has a St. George’s flag waving in the back garden, the assumption is, is that they’re part of the English defence league or similar.....unlike the welsh, Scottish or Irish all of whom celebrate their saints day.....The majority of parliament never wanted to leave, many have directorships in businesses.... Remember the scaremongering of 1998 and 1999? When the planet was going to stop revolving, planes going to fall out the sky, computers crash, hospitals stop working, I could go on and on about what was suppose to happen.. all because of the year 2000.....and a rumour no doubt started by a computer geek in Alcester and what happened ? nothing... the same is happening now, jobs are lost all the time, we’re currently in the eu ford, Toyota, carrilion, boots, BT, Flybe, HSBC, just  few all these companies are going to have job losses... not to mention what's going on at Debenhams..... so being in the EU doesn’t save jobs....another myth blown.. one person one vote = democracy, the majority voted leave..... the leave vote must be honoured before any consideration to a second referendum can be give.... people need to stop insulting the intelligence of others, everyone absolutely everyone knew what they were voting for..... Yet I bet some bright spark on the BBC’s question time this week will say, either we didn’t know what we were voting for..... or we were misled...yawn...


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